Like Father, Like Son


Living a life of health, fitness, and wellness is nothing new to the Newman’s.  Check out this great video highlighting CEO of Fitness Town‘s son, Jake Newman, playing the same sport that got James to where he is today.  Doesn’t seem like the apple falls far from the tree, now does it?



James Newman founded Fitness Town in 2006 and remains CEO, heading up its eight retail stores and two commercial divisions. Previously, James ran several successful fitness-related businesses across Canada ranging from personal training executives to distributing home fitness equipment, running studios and coaching kids various sports. James has been at the top of the fitness equipment industry in Western Canada for several decades and matches his studio management and training expertise with being able to know what the latest must-have technologies are for both the home and business.

Athletics and fitness have been in James’ blood from an early age. He played basketball to a high level in both Australia and Canada and still maintains an active interest in the sport. With a degree in Physical Education, there are few activities James hasn’t taught or taken part in including wind surfing, tennis, canoeing, hiking and biking.

James’ goal is simple: to provide specialty fitness equipment to people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and to inspire, educate and assist people to live active, happy lives.

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