Kettlebell Buyer’s Guide

Even before stay-at-home orders occurred in 2020, at-home gyms saw a rise in popularity. One of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment for the home: the kettlebell.

Why is that? Kettlebells are used for more than squatting. Their uses are diverse and effective for a quality workout. 

So, if you’ve decided kettlebells are right for you, here’s a simple guide to help you choose the perfect set.

What Type of Kettlebell Is Best?

In the fitness industry, there is some debate over whether classic kettlebells or competition kettlebells are better.

Classic kettlebells are made of cast iron. Generally, they are less expensive. Classic kettlebells are widely reputed for being of good quality.

Competition kettlebells are also of great quality. Competition kettlebells are very consistent in weight and are made of steel. Some serious athletes prefer competition kettlebells so they don’t have to worry about changing their workouts to fit varying weights of kettlebells.

When buying kettlebells, it helps to look at the following characteristics:

  1. Handle shape- Does it fit your hands comfortably?
  2. Materials- Not only do you choose between cast iron or steel (if you’re choosing from the best materials), but you also need to look at the finish. Pick something that will hold up and not chip.

What About Size?

The best kettlebells usually come sized anywhere from 2kg to 48kg. Choose a pair that offers enough weight to give your muscles some challenge to start. Until you work up to a heavier weight, you don’t want to overload your muscles and risk injury.

It helps to know what your current weight-lifting limits are so you don’t buy too light and find the kettlebells useless.

How Many Kettlebells Do I Need?

There isn’t a magic number of how many weights you need. It depends on your workout routine. You can get a decent workout with only one kettlebell.

However, if you like to double-up or do two-handed work, two is a great number to start with.

You don’t need tons of fitness equipment to get a great workout. As you outgrow your first kettlebell weight, add more, at a heavier weight, to your home gym.

Kettlebells to Avoid

It can be tempting to find a set of less expensive kettlebells online that are bright and colorful. But beware of the plastic-coated kettlebell… Even sets that have good reviews online generally don’t last long before that plastic starts to chip.

The brightly coloured weights or kettlebells with funky designs may seem fun, but you end up paying more for the look than the quality. 

Another style of the kettlebell to avoid is the adjustable variety. They can be harder to rest against your arm during certain exercises. Often, they are oddly shaped and ineffective for serious workouts.

More Help With Your Home Gym

The right kettlebell is a perfect addition to any home workout. It brings just the right amount of versatility and challenge. You’re sure to find endless options for fun new workouts using your kettlebells.

Fitness Town has a selection of Kettlebells in stock. Shop online or visit a store location near you.

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