Keeping your workout fun

The most important thing that is going to keep you coming back for more, is keeping your workout interesting and fun.  This means changing your workout every 3-4 weeks, which you should be doing anyway.  This creates muscle confusion, which will help you keep gaining new grounds and not hitting a plateau as most do with their workouts. 


Things I have found that keep me coming back for more. 

1) Every couple of months, go try out a new health club.  Pay the drop in fee and get into it!  Nothing like a new atmosphere to kick start some self motivation.


2) Again, you must change your workout if you want to get to the next level.  If you train with a friend, let them design your workout for a month and then you do it for a month!  Another alternative is see a personal trainer.  Don’t go cheap on this one.  There are many out there who spend a couple of months getting locally certified without any regulation on standards.  If at a gym, usually the good trainers are always busy and have some sort of display with clients they have trained including the results they have got.


3)  Set yourself goals.  Be it a time frame you want to lose a certain amount of body fat or increase your strength in a certain exercise. You’ll find you work out harder with more purpose if you set goals within a time frame you want to achieve them.


4) Try something different.  Instead of hitting the gym, try yoga, cross-fit, P90x, martial arts or anything!!! 


5) Make a challenge.  If a few of you at work do similar things, why not make a monthly challenge.  This can be fun and gets everyone into it.


6)  Take a week off.  Theres nothing like just taking a week off and letting the muscles fully repair and recover.  I usually take a week off every couple of months.


7)  You might laugh at this one.  I always check out the other guy’s in the gym who look good.  If I see another guy training hard getting good results, I will do the same.  Who wants to be left behind to drown in someone else’s wake? 


If you have any great ideas on how you keep your workouts fun, then please share.  I would love to hear what you do, as would others I’m sure!



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