Keeping Fitness Fun

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Let’s say you are fresh out of skip-its and neon clothes, how do you keep Fitness Fun?

There is no one answer that will work for every person. You may need to go on your own fitness journey to see what keeps you moving but here are a few ideas I would like to share to start that adventure.

  1. Switch it up: Aside from the clear physical importance of varying your workouts, switching your type of workout will ensure that you do not become bored.  You can mix a number of physical activities including an in home workout, a hike, a swim, a bike ride, a few rounds of a favourite sport or even a brisk walk. Working different muscle groups will ensure that you get the most out of your workouts. It will also ensure that you have that necessary recovery time to build that muscle.
  2. Phone a friend: 2 are better than 1 so phone a friend or family member and have some fun. I promise I won’t break into a rap free-style but not only is it more fun to have a workout partner, it can also help keep you accountable. For some reason we seem to be able to let  ourselves down by not following through on our workout routine but we have a much harder time letting someone else down… unless you just admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs, then you are just letting everyone down.
  3. Music: We are multisensory human beings and music is an important auditory stimulus that can affect our mood and help motivate us. Building the tempo as you increase the difficulty in your workout can help you push yourself that extra bit. It can also help you focus on your workout. In today’s ‘modern’ age, we tend to be constantly working. We think about our grocery list, our meetings for the week or focus on our families. Workouts should be me time and music can help you focus on that.
  4. Rewards: Remember Pavlov’s Dogs? Every time they were fed, a bell was rung and they would salivate in anticipation. Eventually Pavlov took the food out of the equation and the dogs would still salivate when they heard only the bell.  I promise I am not calling you a dog but we also function in a similar manner. If you have a positive association with workouts, they are much easier to follow through on. I am not suggesting that you treat yourself to McDonalds after a workout as that could be a little counter productive but a small frozen yogurt,  a drink with friends or perhaps you can put money into your “me jar” to spend on something that you have been coveting – can you tell it’s a female writing this?
  5. Measurement: “The truth is, it’s fun to get better at something; Keep a training journal or progress photos.” says Fitness Town Burnaby’s manager Lou Noel. When you can monitor and measure your results and see the improvement, you are more likely to enjoy your workout.


Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments below and remember “Always Keep Moving!”


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