It’s Too Cold for Cardio


It’s Too Cold for Cardio

Let’s be honest, it’s cold, dark, icy and kind of scary.

 I prefer to run, or ride a bike outside when the sun is shining but when the weather it like this Cardio = an indoors activity.

The recent sub zero temperatures that have replaced our typically mild winters and taken over the Lower Mainland haven’t been ideal for outdoor cardio. Not to mention we only have about 8 hours of daylight this time of year. Add in the typical work day and you are exercising in the cold and dark pitch black.

Here’s some simple math. Cold + Pitch Black = Bad for outdoor Cardio.

Why? For starters it’s dangerous. You can’t see where you’re going, and most importantly people can’t see you. Exercise should be enjoyable – if you can’t feel your head, shoulders, knees and toes, chances are you won’t be enjoying yourself and less likely to continue exercising.

So, what are the options? Forget the cardio? Embrace a few extra pounds? According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll we conducted in fact those that workout less in the winter said they stop because of the dark, the cold and the rain. But for me the answer is no chance I’m adding some unwanted lbs. Here are the possibilities that exist for you and I.


1. Suck it Up, Buttercup

Fancy yourself a brave soldier? Maybe you like running at 6am when it’s -5 and pitch black? Go for it! All the power to ya.


2. Bundle Up, then Suck it Up, Buttercup.

Put on your toque,  sweater, jacket, jogging pants, tights, gloves and hand warmers, oh and don’t forget the extra layer of socks, and the list goes on…and on. Fast-forward 45 minutes, you can barely move but are somewhat ready for your 30 minute run. Just doesn’t make much sense now does it?


3. Adjust your Schedule

I’m no weatherman meteorologist but it’s usually warmer and brighter during the middle of the day. Which sucks because you and I are probably at work. Try using your lunch break for exercise. Maybe you have the flexibility to stay later, or start earlier and fit in your workouts when the sun is shining.


4. Seek Shelter First, Cardio Second

Safe to say options #1, #2, or #3 aren’t ideal for me. Luckily my gym is a mere stones throw away from my warm bed.  I can go from fast asleep to the kitchen (gotta have a coffee), to the treadmill in under 15 minutes. Even better? My gym has the Life Fitness Platinum Club Series (which you can also use in your home gym). What does that mean? Well for starters, I can literally run through the streets of Italy, or bike the Alps all from the comfort of a warm gym.


5. Workout at Home

Although I don’t have much room in my apartment there is enough space for a few small key items (a jump rope for one) and for those of you with more space you can get plenty of great cardio equipment for a home gym. Can cardio be a year round thing? Umm it would seem so.

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