Is Your Fitness Resolution Still a Thing?

Did you set the resolution bar too high?


New Years Day was about 5 weeks ago, or 38 days, or 912 hours, or 5,520 min-err, you get the idea – it was a while ago. So…have you kept up with your fitness resolution? Yes? No? Maybe? If you just answered “Yes” – that’s awesome! You’re awesome! Carry on being awesome! But if you answered “No”, or “Maybe”, keep reading.

According to our latest Ipsos Reid survey, we learned that:
“15% of Vancouverites admit to making fitness resolutions they know they’ll then break.”

Okay. Time to fess up, raise your hand, just admit it. You gave up on your fitness resolution. If you are a maybe, then maybe you didn’t want to admit to breaking a fitness resolution in a fancy survey. It’s okay. Everyone lies about their height and weight on their drivers license and everyone has  given up on a fitness resolution.

So the question remains…WHY?

Well, I have said it before, and I will say it again. Sticking to your fitness resolution, or any commitment comes down to motivation. A recent tweet from Fitness Town COO Dai Manuel quoted this phenomenal speech by motivational speaker Eric Thomas titled How Bad Do You Want It?

Eric Thomas hit the nail right on the head. If you actually want to succeed, or in this case stick to your fitness resolution – you have to want it, want it bad and it won’t come easy.

One thing I’ve learned is look back, reflect and review everything. Focus on what worked and what didn’t. How can you improve? Where did you go wrong? You probably (hopefully) stuck to your fitness resolution for at least few weeks – Why? How did you do it? Can you replicate that mindset again? Can you apply it moving forward? Why not? Can you replicate an aspect, or a small portion?

Yes, I love rhetorical questions.

Tip: Start small – focus on a little change that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. For example, drink 2L of water or walk 30 minutes per day. Start accomplishing tasks, build some momentum and confidence, prove to yourself that you can achieve a goal before setting your sights on the stars.

Make a small change towards your fitness resolution this week, and then do the same next week, and then again the week after that. If you need help sticking to your fitness resolution, leave a comment below or contact a Fitness Expert – we are happy to help.


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