Importance of Proper Footwear

Importance of Proper Footwear

A good pair of shoes can make or break your workout

How many times have you bought gym or running shoes based on the brand, colour or because they just look pretty? (Nike Free 5.0 Neon-Yellow…guilty as charged)

With all due respect to a perfectly matching colour coordinating outfit, or that playlist you spent 5 hours putting together (for your 45 minute workout), the most important part of your workout, is what you wear on your feet.


Finding the right pair of shoes

1. Try on shoes near the end of a day

Your feet can expand by as much as one size throughout the day. So make sure you are shoe shopping near the end of the day, or after your workouts.


2. Wear your gym socks

You probably don’t wear dress socks to the gym, well at least you shouldn’t. Wear or bring your gym socks with you when buying gym shoes. Also make sure to lace the shoes all the way up – act as if you’re going to the gym.


3. Try on both shoes

All feet are not created equal – they come in different shapes, sizes, widths, and thicknesses. Some people have two different sized feet (guilty as charged…again). Make sure both shoes fit well and take a walk, or quick jog throughout the store.


4. Talk to an expert

You know the difference expertise, selection and service make.



Avoid making these mistakes


1. Right shoe – Wrong workout

Flickr User: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

Different shoes for different activities – it’s that simple. A majority of running shoes have no lateral stability because you don’t move your feet side-to-side when you run – you’re only going forward. Whereas basketball shoes need to have sufficient lateral stability because you are moving side-to-side often during basketball.

Don’t even think about going for a long distance run in your basketball shoes.

2. Wearing them everywhere

Your running shoes are for running. Wearing your running shoes, or any activity specific shoe, as your everyday shoe will break them down a lot faster than they should.

Purchase a pair of casual sneakers for your everyday needs.


3. Wearing them for too long

Every year – at the latest.

If you’re a long distance runner, or working out 5-7 days a week, six months is pretty much the limit.



Minimalist/barefoot shoes? What are they? Why use them?


Flickr User: Maria MorriYou probably have a friend, or have seen someone running in a pair of Vibrams, or those funny looking shoes with toes, as they are often referred to. Although not suitable for every situation, for example playing sports or rock-climbing, minimalist/barefoot shoes are designed to and proven to make your feet stronger and healthier.

Need help finding the perfect pair of shoes? Check out Fitness Town for everything from cross-trainers, to weightlifting, to running shoes and more!



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