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Your least favourite exercise is…

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on favourite exercises but now it’s time to flip the script and look at your least favourite exercise. Something tells me that your least favourite exercise is also the exercise that you don’t have time for, or forget… every time. 🙂


So…what is it?

2013FTA-982I am willing to bet that your answer will either be squats, deadlifts, cardio, or sit-ups. Am I right? *fingers crossed*. Your rationale may vary but it will be along the lines of “I can’t squat because my back hurts“, “Deadlifts are dangerous!“, “I wear pants, why should I workout my legs?”,Cardio is so boring“, or “Sit-ups are hard“. I can relate to these excuses and believe me when I say pre-existing injuries should not be overlooked. And yes, squats and deadlifts can be dangerous, just like crossing the street can be dangerous. 😉

Sticking with the traditional compound movements, I believe none of them are bad. Certain exercises, like the squat and deadlift just tend to be performed incorrectly, or are somewhat difficult to preform, potentially resulting in more injuries, more than a bench press or barbell row. Injures and the bad reputation for these exercises come from using too much weight, a lapse in form, or perhaps not using the proper range of motion for your health and fitness goals.

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring, forget the tortoise and be the hare. Try a high-intensity interval workout like sprints if slow and steady isn’t for you. Your abs & core are very important as they are engaged in nearly every moment.  I have a feeling sit-ups and core exercises will always be hard – can anyone with a rock-hard core and 6 packs abs speak to this? 😉

Leaving these types of exercises out of your workout routine may seem like the easy road, but will open the doors for trouble in the future as muscular imbalances take their toll.


“Chances are you should be doing your least favourite exercise, it can still be your least favourite, just don’t make it your repeatedly forgotten exercise.”

What’s your least favourite exercise? How come? Let me know in the comments and come in-store and talk to one our Fitness Experts.


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