How to use a foam roller and finding the right one for you!

RollingBy now most of us have seen someone with a foam roller, many of us even own one at this point. But what should we be doing with them and which one is right for us? Well the answer very much depends on you. What sort of activity do you do? Do prefer a hard massage or a slightly lighter one?

The basic idea that applies to everyone is to add a foam roller to your post workout routine, or even have one as a therapeutic pain reliever when you want to loosen the tightness of your muscles. The self myofascial release that you attain with the roller is similar to a deep tissue massage. You may experience some soreness just as you would with a real massage but the relief you will feel is worth it. The best part is that you can adjust the amount of your body weight that you place on the roller which in turn can adjust the intensity of your roll.


So what is the best way to roll? This video should help you with that!

And to decide which one to choose, you can visit us in store and talk to one of our fitness equipment experts or you can check out this product review we put together.

Happy Rolling!



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