How to Stay Fitness Motivated During Winter

Cold getting you down?

How to stay fitness motivated during the winter weather:

We’ve all been there… your alarm goes off in the morning. Immediately you hit snooze to give yourself “five more minutes” so you can stay warm in bed, especially during the cold, dark winter months. What would you rather spend those five minutes on?

If you’re having trouble getting up to stay fit, here are some tips to get yourself motivated to workout:

  1. Think about it this way: you’ll never regret working out…

    … but you might regret not working out. How many times have you skipped a workout only to wish that you made more progress? When you start to feel unmotivated, remind yourself of why you started and what your goals are in your fitness journey. Have you gotten there yet?
  2. Ask yourself what you want to achieve

    Are you trying to lift more? Lose body fat? Increase endurance? Flexibility? You know yourself the best and where you want to go in your fitness journey. Start with one area of improvement to focus on and set a goal and stick with a timeline.
  3. Set a tangible goal

    Remember to set yourself up for success – set goals that are realistic to yourself and start small to work your way up. Goals are much more motivating to achieve when they make sense to you and you have a timeline for them.
  4. Grab a buddy

    Have you ever said “I’ll workout in the morning,” stayed in bed, then said “I’ll workout at night,” only to say “I’ll workout tomorrow?” Making gym appointments with a friend, a trainer, or even going to fitness classes can motivate you to stay on track by giving yourself a duty to workout at a certain time. Having a buddy to workout with can also give you motivation to push each other to train the hardest you can.
  5. Look forward to your post-workout meal

    Reward yourself after the grind with a nutritious and delicious meal to fuel your body for your next workout. Prepping a post-workout meal beforehand can give you motivation to work hard knowing you deserve the meal and will make it worth it.

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