How to Make Family Time Active Time

The pace of many families appears to be stuck in fast-forward. So many are busier than ever—but busy does not always mean active. Driving in a car, running errands, sitting in meetings and in front of a computer does not mean you are getting the physical activity you need. Try some of these tips from the experts at Life Fitness and Fitness Town to get your family moving, healthy and happy.

Get out in your own driveway.

Get out those jump ropes, hula-hoops and basketball. Play hopscotch. Grab some chalk and draw a ladder on the driveway, then time yourselves doing fast feet or single leg jumps along the rungs. Get a quick pick-up game of hoops started, or play a game of four-square. Try to think of it as active family playtime instead of workout time.

If your kids are really young, get them dancing. It’s fun and can get their heart (and yours) pumping. Be creative and focus on fun to find lots of ways to get your whole family active.

Find a path.

Whether it’s a track, trail or walking path, grab your gym shoes and head out with the whole family. You can take a penny hike, where you flip a coin at each corner of the block to determine which direction you will head. Kids love finding out the mystery of which way you will go. Of course, you will find your way home eventually, but you will be participating in one of the easiest and most convenient exercise around—walking.

Do active yard or housework together.

Involve your kids with housework, yard-work and gardening, but put your whole body into it. Keep it fast-paced for the kids and concentrate on using all of your muscle groups.

Plan a fitness vacation.

There are ton of great getaways that are more active than the traditional sit on the beach vacation. Alternatives include walking tours, rafting trips and skiing adventures. The opportunities are endless.



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