Gymnastic Wooden Rings – What & Why?

Maximum versatility

Before the creation of the TRX trainer, gymnastic rings were the one tool that could provide both a newbie and the most advanced athlete a way to do pushups, rows, dips and more.  All that is needed is a solid support to hang them from.  A wall mounted pullup bar  or a squat rack with upper bar works well, but anything that can hold your body weight can work.  Ring workouts will intensely challenge your stabilizer muscles and your core so it is recommended to include progressions using bands to assist in the beginning.


Not all rings are created equal. 

As Crossfit exploded into the fitness world more varieties of gymnastic rings appeared including lexan, plastic and steel varieties.  Rogue Fitness went to far as to machine wood rings out of plywood.  None of these can match the feel and use of true FIG wood gymnastic rings like our SANG wood rings.   As these are manufactured from a single slice of fig wood using the natural rings of the tree.  This allows it to be naturally stronger than plywood rings and are also slightly smaller in the grip diameter of the wood itself.  This fits more hands and allow you to more easily maintain a false grip when doing the challenging muscle-up (and of course when working your way up to it).

Because Dave Castro said so…  We may not all agree with the Crossfit head of programming, however he is in charge of, well programming for Crossfit.  In the tour of his personal training facility he shows off his wood rings.


Higher repetitions without injury

During the middle of a sweat inducing Hero workout on a hot summer day, these rings will still grip well without chalk and no tape required.  There is also less chance of injury from torn blisters as the wood doesn’t grab the way that tape will, and they are much better during the transition.

All in all wood rings are a great compliment to a home gym with a pullup bar and this small investment that will pay off in big fitness results!

So you want to grab a pair of rings – a great resource is “Got Rings, Now What?” – a free journal article.



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