Give the Gift of Rehab & Wellness This Holiday Season!

Give the Gift of Fitness!

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The Holidays should be about enjoying time with our friends and family but it’s also the busiest time of year. Most of us are so busy buying gifts and prepping for Christmas that we quickly forget about our own well being. We get stressed, don’t sleep or eat and we get just plain tired! Why not take a few moments for yourself to simply relax? Massages can help to ease stress, increase flexibility and help prevent injury. At Fitness Town we have the perfect equipment for every fitness enthusiast on your list! We also have several products designed to release your muscles tension from carrying all those gifts around.

Holiday - Trigger Point KitFitness Town has a wide range of massage items including balls, sticks and rollers that are always in stock.  Now that’s what I call simple, one-stop shopping! If you are looking for great rehabilitation gifts this winter, I suggest trying the Grid 2.0, Trigger Point Kit, and the GoFit Go Roller. I’m crazy busy too, but over the years I have come to realize its important to set aside a few minutes to do something for yourself. It took almost 4 years but in that time, through baby steps, I’ve lost over 90 lbs and changed my lifestyle to aid my own well-being and health. My friends and family have seen some tremendous changes over these past years. I’m excited to say that now I’m finding it absolutely amazing that I’m able to help others through my own experiences. It’s truly a great feeling!

Change can seem daunting or unobtainable at times…trust me I’d know! If not now, then when does it get done, am I right? I’m talking about 15 minutes of your time-tops, nothing majorly overwhelming. Start small and you’ll feel better and those around you will really start to notice—a gift in itself. Many of the items listed make great gifts for under the tree and are great stocking stuffers for the fitness enthusiast in your life (and for you too!). Massage can help to ease stress, increase flexibility & help prevent injury. Why wouldn’t you take the time to better yourself or your friends and family?


Here are my top 3 suggested rehab and wellness gifts this Christmas. 

1. On a budget? Try the Basic Lacrosse Ball.Holiday - Lacrosse Ball

One of my favorite and simplest massage options is the basic lacrosse ball. It can be used to roll out a tight hip flexor or I.T. band. If you have a runner in your life, then I suggest you give them a lacrosse ball. I believe that even though it seems small, it’s gift you will never hear the end of – in a good way. By using the lacrosse ball to loosen tight muscles, they’ll be running with less pain and you’ll look like a super hero. It’s a great item for pressure point massage on the shoulders and back too. Our Fitness Town Experts would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right techniques that would work best for you or that special someone.


2. Desk job? Check out the Trigger Wheel.Holiday - Trigger Wheel

If you work at a desk all day and find yourself rubbing your neck at the end of the day, the Trigger Wheel has some tremendous benefits. It’s a great tool in helping to ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and stress related headaches. Did I mention that when you take a few moments for yourself and do something simple such as massage, you will sleep better…I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep better?! Best gift of all, I’d say.


3. Always traveling around? Check out the Travel Roller Kit.

Traveling this Christmas? You’re going to Holiday - Travel Roller Kitneed a good stretch and roll out after your flight. How about trying the Travel Roller Kit? This product comes with a band for stretching, three trigger point massage balls and roller that can be used to relax almost every square inch of your body. Additionally, the Travel Roller Kit includes a DVD to help you get the full benefits of each product. Air travel nowadays is cramped and stressful, so, it’s the little things you can do to make their travel time or your own more enjoyable.

Still unsure of what to get this Holiday? Come in to any Fitness Town location where our Fitness Experts would be pleased to help you find the right gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the largest brands with the latest technology around. I’m confident that you’ll even be able to find a little something special just for you in-store or online. Have a very happy holiday season and don’t forget that the key to fitness success is to….



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