Getting Functionally fit: advice for beginners and firebreathers


Functional fitness is something that has long been seen as important. Working exercises that mimic your daily movements into your existing routine is much easier than you think and the benefits are huge. On top of the regular exercise benefits like increased energy levels, circulation of blood, muscle toning etc., this type of fitness is special in that it brings a sense of community, enthusiasm and creates a well structured workout. It is welcoming and far less intimidating than one might think. Through the structured workouts you learn movements and exercises that help you push against your own limits. It is often said that a functional fitness warm up is what most people do for their whole workout and although this may sound intense, you get to work at your own intensity level. CrossFit optimizes fitness (constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity). As with all things, practice makes perfect and the coaches and others are there to encourage you along the way. If you are interested in checking out some exercises that you can work into your own routine you can try things like kettlebell swings, burpees, pull ups and medicine ball throws or you can visit for other free videos and tutorials.


Functional fitness was officially founded in 1999 by Greg Glassman. He created an open source via, a tool that can be used to aid people’s true fitness based on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle as a whole. The benefits and growth since then have been astronomical.


Things to help you get started:

1. Understand how to start with a safe and ego free environment. Functional Fitness teaches you to perform constantly varied functional movements at high intensity, but with saying that, all people’s abilities and intensity are not equal. True  functional fitness looks at making the individual better each day and works to maximize your strength based on your own limits (with the encouragement of others to help along the way). Although the competition side exists, it is a much smaller percent, so just be prepared to work hard but don’t work yourself into the ground. Later on you can look at increasing your lift loads and the intensity of your movement. Quality movement is the key to any exercise!

 2. Have quality workout attire. From head to toe, understanding what will aid your performance is a valuable tool. Whether it be Reebok Crossfit shoes and apparal, rocktape, shin skins, compression pants or socks or lightweight apparel like HERO, you should find out what is best for you and your level. Fitness Town Burnaby has the largest selection of Reebok Crossfit apparel and other great brands. Our fitness experts are here to help with any and all of your questions.


Things to help those experienced with functional fitness, those Firebreathers out there:

1. Are you working on your GOATS? (*GOAT-one of those WODS you come face to face with and you know you can not do a movement to RX’d standard or very well). Daily practice at those GOATS will make them diminish while adding another asset in your arsenal.

2. Are Double Unders your problem, or butterfly pull ups, Pistol Squats or how about MOBILITY??? Practice makes perfect and you can always ask coaches for tips. There are tons of videos and articles online to help you as well. Sometimes the proper compression gear can also help.  Come in and let use aid you with all the right tools to get you at the TOP of your PERFORMANCE. We have all the Hardware to get you a training center in your home and you can practice every second you have to spare!

“Always keep moving” is our slogan here at Fitness Town and Wes from our Fitness Town South Vancouver Store certainly is doing as much as he can to help you… because you can bet Sam Briggs or Rich Froning are…

Health is Wealth,

– Wesley King

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