Full-Body Workout – Dumbbell Blast!

Short on time and need to workout?

Are you “too busy” to exercise? Try using a full-body workout routine. Not everybody has time, or wants to workout 5, 6 or even 7 days a week. Using a full-body routine 3 times a week, or every 2nd day is great way to get your workout in and save time! Just be sure to keep the intensity up, and switch up the exercises every week or so!

A customer of mine was picking up an exercise bench and few sets of dumbbells so I designed this great, full-body workout for him. Give it a try!


Dumbbell Blast – a full-body workout!


Equipment Needed:


Spend 8-15 minutes warming up. Pick a cardio option of your choice (run, bike, row, skip, or jumping jacks) and get your heart rate up and your body moving.

Tip: Spend extra time warming up stiff joints if necessary.

Sets & Exercises:

For the following work out,  pick a weight that you can do between 8-12 reps for 3 sets for each movement.

All 5 stages are to be preformed as super-sets.

Tip: A super-set is when you perform a set of a particular exercise, then move on to another one with no rest. These are great way to increase your hear rate, calorie burn and general conditioning

  1. Deadlifts & Calf Raises
  2. Alternating lunges & alternating side lunges (note: 8-12 reps per leg)
  3. Chest-fly on incline & bent over lateral raise
  4. Bent over row & seated shoulder press
  5.  Seated hammer curls & laying tricep press
  6.  Alternating side bends (note: 8-12 reps per side) & decline sit-ups

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch!!

If you need help with any of the exercises, demonstrations, or have general questions please stop by Fitness Town Port Coquitlam and talk to me! or e-mail ftp@fitnesstown.ca!


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