From fitness fact to fitness fiction: some fitness questions answered

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We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring News1130’s Tweet up at Sandbar where I learned a few interesting things about people. I thought I would put together this list of Fitness Facts and Fallacies based on some of those conversations.


1. Some people think that if they have an acceptable waistline, they do not need to exercise. – Fallacy

Dimpled_appearance_of_celluliteMany of you already know that this is incorrect. Fitness isn’t just about appearance although that certainly can be an added benefit, it is about internal health like proper circulation which helps keep your heart happy. It is also about having more energy, increasing your metabolism and getting rid of that extra jiggle. Have you ever heard of the term Skinny Fat? It is for those people that happen to have great genes when it comes to having a small waist but the cellulite, bulge and jiggle are all still there. The fact that exercise also releases endorphins also means that it will assist in making you a little less irritable and when it is grey and cold and dark and wet outside, as goes the weather this time of year, who doesn’t want a little natural pick me up?

2. Working out on a treadmill is easier than running outside – The answer to this depends on a few things but let’s go with Fact to start

Because treadmills are designed to be easier on your knees and joints overall, they are easier to run on than the hard concrete outside. However, you can still get the same workout as you would if you were running outside – just be sure to vary your incline and resistance to mimic an actual outdoor route. Also ensure that the resistance is at least 1.5 to get that true outdoor workout. If it is less than this, the treadmill can actually help you by propelling your feet into place and although this is nice when you are first starting out, you should ensure you are challenging yourself and don’t forget that without varying your workouts, your fitness progress will be hindered.

So how do you choose the best treadmill? This generally depends on what you are going to use it for but here are a few suggestions. 

If you just need something to walk (or run) on and then put away – Go with the Life Fitness F1
If you want something with great cushioning for your knees go with the Life Fitness T50
If you want something economical yet reliable go for the BodyGuard T240S

3. Indoor Bikes aren’t as fun as biking outside – The answer to this again is not an easy yes or no

Depending on where you live, it is true that often the natural beauty of the outdoors can’t be beat. However it isn’t always that easy to venture out in the rain or snow which we are so accustomed to in Canada. It also isn’t always that easy to access a nice bike route causing bike rides to become a full day commitment. If you are looking for a quicker more direct and often more intense workout, biking indoors can be a great activity.

So what bike should you consider? If you want to challenge yourself and increase the intensity of your workout try a spin Bike. 

The Keiser bikes are U.S. made, reliable, quiet and smooth.
The Fit Spin Pro bikes are quiet, smooth and economical.
The Life Fitness C1 is easy to use and a great value.

Or if you prefer a recumbent bike you should consider the Life Fitness R1, it’s reliable, comfortable and easy to use.

4. I don’t have room for a gym at home– Fallacy
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The great thing about a home gym is that it can be as big or as small as you have room for. Home gyms are often designed with space in mind. The Torque F7 for example has closing doors to keep it out of the way and fits perfectly into the corner of the room. I live in 650 Square feet and I am already dreaming of bringing one home. Spin Bikes are also small and mobile and there are treadmills and ellipticals made to fold up and tuck away. Or if you buy a pull up bar or a TRX there are many exercises you can do that require nothing more than a doorway. The trick is to pick a few pieces that will fit in your place.  Often picking just 1 piece can lead to boredom and we don’t want that. Or if you do choose just 1 piece, make sure to look up new and exciting ways to use it. Youtube is great for that or as always come in store and our fitness experts can show you some great new exercises.



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