Fitness Procrastination: A Solution (poem)


You want to get fit, but you just can’t start
You know that it’s good for you – your mind, body and heart
Tomorrow you think, I can start then
Oh shoot, I have plans with a friend
Monday for sure, that is the day
Uh oh Oh no, I have my daughter’s play
Days turn to weeks and still you delay
What you would do to go back, the cash you would pay
No need to fret, you can find time
Start today, right now, at the end of the last line
Just take 20 minutes, take a walk, climb the stairs
Buy a bike or a treadmill or dumbbells in pairs
Start small but aim high and you can achieve
Almost anything you want, you just have to believe

So take a moment, take a breath, today is the day
Your plans are set, there is nothing anyone can say
You can still make dinner later and have drinks with friends
Take the time on your lunch, before work or at day’s end
Twice a week to start then increase to three
Pretty soon you will crave it, it will be meant to be
Once the habit is formed, you will be set
and it all started today when you didn’t fret



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