Fitness Equipment Warranties: what you need to know


In today’s society we place a high value on staying in shape and maintaining our personal fitness levels. As a result, we should try our absolute hardest to ensure that we get the maximum benefits from the fitness equipment we purchase. In order for the user to get the greatest bang for their buck, as well as the best long-term fitness results, the user should be aware of the following do’s and don’ts when using the machine to ensure proper warranty coverage.


1) Professional Installation/Assembly: After purchasing your new fitness equipment it is highly recommended to have the unit installed/assembled by a credited service technician. This is to ensure that all of the appropriate steps are followed correctly. These technicians are trained by the manufacturers on the specific intricacies of each model. Fitness Town is proud to offer this service as well as on-site servicing. If a NON-CERTIFIED installation is performed and it is found that problems have occurred as a result of user error the warranty may be void.

2) Proper Power Supplies: If your machine is a powered unit, be sure to plug the machine’s power supply directly into the wall or use a surge protecting adapter. If an extension cord is needed be sure to use a cord NO LONGER then 6 feet. Plugging the unit directly into the wall will allow for maximum capabilities in terms of higher levels of power being delivered to the unit. It is highly recommended to use a  surge protector. Much like you would use one for a computer, this will protect the electronics from being blown from an unpredicted power surge. If an extension cord is required, the manufacturers suggest using an extension cord no greater than 6 feet in length. The longer the cord is the greater the power resistance. This results in less power delivered to the unit causing it to not operate efficiently. Longer cords will cause less power to be drawn to the machine which can result in damages to the motor control board.

3) Routine Maintenance: Manufacturers require users to perform preventative maintenance on their units. Sweat and moisture should be wiped off after use to help fight against rusting and deterioration of moving parts. As a part of this maintenance, manufacturers also require users to ensure their units are properly lubricated as prescribed in the owners manual. It should also be noted which type of lubrication is required, for example, wax or silicone. This information can be found in the owner’s manual. Fitness Town’s service department also provides maintenance by  trained technicians, however, these costs are NOT covered under warranty.

4) Servicing: Just like the installation of your unit should be performed by certified technicians, the servicing should also be conducted by a trained professional. This is comparable to doing your own servicing on your car. If done incorrectly, or not in accordance to the manufacturers expectations, the unit’s warranty could be void. Fitness Town’s service department is proud to be the leading service provider in the Lower Mainland Area.

5) Storage: Storage of any fitness equipment should be in an environmentally controlled area. Storing a unit outside, in a garage, in an enclosed fitness room, or a room with a swimming pool or hot tub can cause damage to the unit. Storing your unit outside, even in a covered area, will leave it exposed to the elements and cause the unit’s moving parts and electronics to be damaged by moisture, dust, bugs, and dirt contributing to rust and deterioration. Storing the unit outside will cause premature wear and tear on treadmills’ running belt and deck due to increased levels of dirt and dust trapped inside the unit. If your fitness equipment is stored in an enclosed garage, ensure that the area is heated. If the area is not heated this could cause moisture build up on the electronics as well as the metal components causing rust and or damage to the electronics. This also applies to storing units in an encloses fitness area or a room with a swimming pool or hot tub. High humidity levels will cause moisture build up, rusting and electronic failures. Also, storing a unit in a cold environment can cause the moving parts to seize up causing damage to the unit. Incorrect storage can result in void warranty coverage.

6) Debris: Be sure to not leave debris, such as tools, toys, balls, or even small pets close to your machine. This is recommended as debris can get in the way of the unit’s moving parts resulting in damage. This hold especially true for treadmills. Be sure to leave the area clear behind as well as adjacent to the treadmill’s running belt. Running belts move at a high rate of speed and can pull items into the unit if they come in contact with the belt. This can cause serious damage to the unit which will not be covered under the manufacturers’ warranties.

 Posted on behalf of the amazing Fitness Town Service Team!



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