Finding Time for Fitness on the Go

Fitness Town focuses on inspiring healthy lifestyles while providing expert advice to help people to utilize the ideal fitness equipment for their needs and goals. They understand that today, people are always on the go. Whether you travel for work, have a busy schedule or spend your time elsewhere outdoors there is always something you can take on the go.

Most people today look for ways to stay healthy or become healthier, but sometimes our schedules can get in the way. Speaking of wellness, we all aspire a balance while trying to proceed further with our career. Realistically, we get caught up in one and totally neglect the other. Balancing your routine doesn’t mean just focusing on work outs, it means finding time for balanced meals, relieving stress, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern as well as doing daily exercise. Saying “but we have no time” could be something that you’ll say for the rest of your life. If you’re ready to commit to a healthier you, here’s how you can stay fit while on the go.


Fitness in your Hotel

Fitness - Hotel GymIf your job requires you to travel, you probably understand how difficult it can be to eat healthy and pack things that aren’t necessities. Fitness Town has a variety of products that are compact, light and easily stored away in a suitcase. I recommend visiting a Fitness Town store or contacting a Fitness Town expert for more information on what equipment might work best for you and your lifestyle. Sometimes the best equipment for you might not be accessible on short trips, but it’s important to ensure you use your equipment at home before and after you travel.

Today, many large hotel chains will feature weight rooms that are accessible to guests. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of free amenities within your hotel to compliment the exercises you do using your smaller, and more portable equipment. For example, the TRX Home, Pro and Tactical Kits are great on the go and can be brought to any gym facility. Next time you’re on the hunt for a hotel, check what the hotel offers and seek out one with a workout space. Doing some research gives you a great insight as to what brands or equipment to expect. If you’re familiar with certain equipment from your own personal home gym, you might be able to find similar pieces at your hotel of choice.


Fitness on the Road

Fitness - Stretch at Rest AreasIf you commute to your work, sitting in heavy traffic can bring stress, muscle soreness and cramping. It’s important to ensure you’re not driving while distracted, so what exercises can you do? I recommend stretching while at a stand-still. Take advantage of smaller movements that help loosen your muscles and alleviate stiffness. Check your posture to ensure your sitting in a proper upright position. Sitting for long periods of time can be linked to cardiovascular issues.

For those planning a road trip, its important to understand your body’s limits. Making frequent stops can be important for your body to get up, move around and get some fresh air. Driving throughout the night can be extremely dangerous if you haven’t gotten a proper amount of sleep. To prevent an accident at night, drive with a passenger and rotate driving shifts.


Fitness Outdoors

In the summer months, take your fitness Fitness - TRX Outsideequipment outside! Research shows that exercising outdoors can improve mental well-being, self-esteem and can even help with depression. Not only are plants considered to help improve an individuals immune system, our Sun has huge benefits as well. The Sun can hep lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and provides people with Vitamin D.

Fitness Accessories are great to take with you practically anywhere. Below are some places and exercises you can do outdoors this summer:

  • Local Park – Bring a TRX Kit, and hook it up to a tree. The TRX’s versatility makes it the perfect tool to take with you almost anywhere.

  • The Beach – Pick up a YogaForce Mat at Fitness Town and do some relaxing poses while listening to the ocean. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

  • Trails – British Columbia has a great selection of trails that range from beginner to expert. If you’re looking for a challenge, try the Grouse Grind and then attempt to beat your time!


Travel-Friendly Favourites!

GoFit Super Bands are the lightest and easiest equipment to pack.Fitness - GoFit Super Bands A full body workout can be done with a band. It can be tied around the lower extremities of your legs to work all muscle groups of the lower half of the body from your core, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. They are also very useful for stretching all muscle groups. Using external objects, you can tie the band to work your upper body, where you can perform multiple repetitions.


Ripcords Resistance Bands perform the same exercises as Fitness - RipcordsGoFit Super Bands, but with more resistance. These bands offer a bit more grip with the addition of secure handles. They also carry more weight. This is to work the bigger muscle groups with tougher repetitions.


Fold Up Mats, such as Yoga Mats, can be used for various cardio Fitness - Yoga Force Matand strength exercises. Predominantly used for abdominal drills, mats can be used to do body weight circuits that improve full functional health.


Agility Ladders are easy to pack and unfold. It is very usefulFitness - Agility Ladder for traveling as it gives a great amount of length for the weight it carries. Once unraveled, the ladder is great for coordination & balance drills, as well as lower body exercises.


TRX Kits are portable bodyweight training toolsFitness - TRX Tactical developed
by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick that people of all fitness levels are using to increase their strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core stability. It comes with a convenient mesh carry bag for quick on-the-go workouts.


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