Find Your WHY

We all have our reasons for getting and keeping fit. One of the keys to success and staying with it is to write down as many reasons as you can for getting off your butt.

What is my WHY? In other words, why do I want to keep fit and healthy?  Some of my reasons might be the same as yours. Some of them might seem kind of silly to you, but I’m sure some of yours might seem kind of silly to me. Whatever works is what I always say. So here is my list of WHY I keep plugging away at trying to be the best I can be:

  1. I like the euphoria I feel after a good run or workout
  2. I don’t have to find a man to change a flat tire
  3. I can beat my 19 year old up the Grouse Grind
  4. I want to be walking upright in my old age
  5. My dog gets tired on a run before I do
  6. I can enjoy a piece of cheesecake if I want to
  7. I feel good in my clothes (most of the time)
  8. I am a positive role model for my kids
  9. It gives me a positive attitude which spills over into the rest of my life
  10. It makes me feel like I can do anything

So there are my top 10. What are yours???

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