Find Time for Your Body Without Losing Your Mind

Find Time for Your Body Without Losing Your Mind

Finding time to exercise daily can be challenging enough, and Vancouver’s fluctuating seasons don’t help with consistency, after all, we are known for our rain; and when that elusive sun finally shows up, well, who wants to be inside a gym? This is where portable workout gear can literally save your ass and help you stay on track come rain, shine, snow; and of course more rain.

Portable equipment is so useful because it makes routines manageable and keeps us committed. For example imagine your morning routine as is; What happens when the weekend hits and you  aren’t forced to go through that list of to-do’s in x amount of time? Come Monday, you can feel a bit off, and packing in everything before heading out seems like a real time crunch. It is this same power of routine that accompanies exercise: do it regularly or struggle with doing it at all.  Below I’ve provided an outline of the basics you need to start your rain or shine workout at home (take note, you can bring most of these outside in the summer!), and what you can add to these staples as you progress. I’ve also included a link to my recent CTV Morning Live appearance which demonstrates a total body workout in 3 bad-ass exercises (see very end of article)


What You Need:


However, I recommend Power Blocks to save space. I’ve provided a link some  that are an affordable investment, but if money is tight pick up some basic hand held weights for now.

When opting for 1 pair of standard weights, I suggest getting a weight that is heavy enough for the lower body; yet light enough to use for upper body as well  (between 10-18 pounds for each hand held weight).

Yoga Mat

Fitness town has a plethora of mats, and you can order online!



Speed Rope

A must! Yes bouncing can be a real pain for your neighbors, but taking your shoes off and skipping on a yoga mat can help absorb the noise (just make sure you skip facing the long end of the mat, otherwise your rope will catch).

What You Can Add:

These items are reasonably priced and useful, especially if you find yourself not wanting to get into your workout clothes (it usually means you’re body is bored). Switch out your Power Blocks or weights with these for  few weeks and once again feel the burn!

Weighted Medicine Ball

This ball is SO useful for switching things up and adding some UMPH to jumping exercises. Slam it overhead for triceps, put your hands on it while doing a plank to challenge your core…I can go on and on.

If you don’t have a medicine ball simply perform the exercises without one.


A versatile alternative to a gym bar and stackable weights (that won’t ruin your floors!)– you can add or decrease weight using 5kg pouches.  Many people use sand, however, I would go with rice as rice grains are bigger than sand grains and are less likely to escape.

The Perfect Pull up Bar
CTV Morning Live

This bar IS perfect- I love it! And the price is crazy sexy cool! The handles are easier on joints, it comes with extension straps (so you can work mid-back- similarly to a TRX, AND has a fold-out poster that teaches you exactly how to execute different pull-up styles. Get this easy to install bar for the fitness buff in your fam!

Here is the link to my segment which details the workout! Feel free to fast forward to the last 1 ½ minutes to get to the exercising!




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