Don’t Skip Leg Day

iStock_000009021892XXLargeNot a fan of deadlifts or squats? Running, or sprinting will help build strong leg muscles as well.

Last month I wrote a blog about training splits and it sparked a conversation amongst my friends because I forced them to read it. We talked about our splits, the pros, the cons and everything in between – mostly trying to convince each-other the split we followed was the best.

During the conversation, a friend mentioned his new training split.

 His exact words, “Chest and arms. Everyday, bro”

He was joking. But unfortunately, there are plenty of people doing exactly this – putting too much (or all) of their focus on the upper body, specifically chest and arms. It’s almost at the point where curling in the squat rack is more common than…well, squatting in the squat rack.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer working out my back, or my chest – Why? Call it an ego thing, or call it personal preference, I just do. But that doesn’t mean I completely neglect my legs.

Design your leg workouts (and actually do them) around compound movements like squats, deadlifts or lunges, and supplement with isolation movements like hamstring curls, calf raises or leg curls. If you need more leg workouts and exercises, contact one of our Fitness Experts or check out or Youtube Channel!

Here some quick facts to remind yourself to workout your lower body!

  • The quadriceps are the body’s biggest muscle group in the body (I bet you didn’t know that, did you?)
  • Squats promote the release of natural testosterone which helps the muscle develop
  • Only working out your chest, back, shoulders and arms can cause your body being out of  proportion
  • Leg workouts help create a metabolic state that is conducive to overall muscle growth.
  • Increasing leg strength and endurance will lead to an increase in overall energy levels
  • Working out your legs will help avoid the risk of sprained ankles, twisted knees and muscle soreness.
  • Strong legs provide the foundation and power for running, jumping, twisting and turning.

Always Keep Moving!



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