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Together We Can Help End Hunger In Our Community!

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Thank you for helping us in supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS) and the constant struggle to end hunger! We are absolutely ecstatic to have the privilege of helping those in need.  Together we raised a total of $1,075.45 with an addition $100 from each store making the grand total $1,875.45!

At Fitness Town, we are truly passionate about giving back to local community organizations and charities. We feel it is our corporate social responsibility to ensure there is growth in our area and we are proud to be involved in 8 communities across BC and Alberta. From volunteering, to donations, to sponsorship we’re striving to make a difference in western Canada.


About the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

FoodBank 3So who is the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society? As stated on their website, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society is a “non-profit organization with a mission to empower people to nourish themselves by providing access to healthy food, education and training. The GVFBS provides assistance to over 28,000 people weekly through 15 food depots and over 100 community agencies located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver. The GVFBS is committed to its vision of accessible, healthy and sustainable food for all and through community collaboration, is pro-actively working to help end hunger.” Now that’s a lot of mouths to feed! To read more about what they do in the community, visit their website.


]Constant Dedication

We are pleased to hear that the Greater Food foodbank 2Bank is doing an outstanding job as they have for the past 33 years. The Holiday season brings a lot of joy to most, and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank does just that for those less fortunate. With every $1 raised, the Greater Food Bank is able to turn that into as much as $3 worth of food, maximizing the impact of every donor’s generous contributions! Each year, the GVFBS’s warehouse “moves over 8 million pounds of food in and out of the 33,000 square foot warehouse.” Since many products are required to come fresh, the GVFBS also relies on monetary donations for these items. These products include milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, baby products, protein items, as well as chicken & turkey around Christmas.


Wellness Means So Much More

foodbank 1On behalf of all employees at Fitness Town, we’d like to say thank you! Fitness Town is committed to helping people live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in fitness and nutritious meal choices. As fitness equipment experts, we know the incredible benefits of fitness and want to support both our online and offline communities and give back the area’s in which we are situated. To us, health and wellness means so much more than just exercise. Being able to fuel bodies with healthy food and contribute to the GVFBS is important to us. To read more about Fitness Town in the community, visit “Our Community” on our website, or click here.


There’s Still Time to Make a Difference!

If you missed out on dropping off a cash donation at Donate - Food BankFitness Town, don’t worry! There’s still time for you to get involved today and make a difference through the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. They’re always looking for volunteers, cash or food donations and more. Visit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society’s website and find out all the ways you can help. Remember, the key to your fitness success, whether it’s brightening your day or someone else’s is to…



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