Do you even lift? The benefits of PowerBlocks and Weight lifting

james-newman webI, James Newman, the CEO of Fitness Town have been using PowerBocks ( believe or not ) since their inception over 20 years ago. I got my first set when my wife was pregnant with our first… At that time we lived in a 2 bedroom Condo and our second bedroom was our home gym. Set of Hex Dumbbell’s 5 to 50 with a Dumbbell rack and a bench and an exercise bike. I was informed the gym had to go…. The bike could stay but the dumbbells were too dangerous to have around our new baby…. As we set up our new babies room… our home gym was being dismantled in January of 1992 and I decided to bring home this new invention by Greg Olsen and Carl Towey called Power Blocks ( 1991 ) . Initially, I was not a real fan of them and thought regular Dumbbells were better. As I was about to lose my home gym my attitude changed and I have owned and used a set ever since…. Power Blocks are awesome!!

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What I like about my Power Blocks


  • Space saving, functional and very practical
  • Dumbbells have been around forever and allow one to strength train the whole body.
  • Power Blocks allow you to own a whole set of Dumbbells. Bring the Gym Home.
  • They are timeless in that I will always use dumbbells as a form of strength training and will always have a set of PowerBlocks wherever I live. House or Condo.
  • I take them with me on vacation – or a short business road trip – they fit in my car easily – they are so portable and convenient.
  • I use them inside or outside
  • Great augmentation to health club members who also want some equipment for those days they cannot make the gym.
  • Great value for the price


Power Block Accessories
  • Stand – it is sure nice to have for a safe starting point to lift from and of course storage
  • More weight – you add more weights to your initial set of Power Blocks as you gain strength.
  • Kettle bell handle, Straight bar and Curl bar. These items add a whole new dimension to your existing Power Block dumbbells. Expanding their functionality, by adding many more functional movements to you existing Dumbbell routines. Check them out…..
  • Bench and Lat attachment. – great additions and nice to have if you have the space.

Power Blocks – the Prescription to all that want a Home Gym… Strength – we all need it !!
Power Blocks – the Prescription to all Personal Trainers that need a portal set of weights..

Benefits of weight training:
Weight training can burn a lot more calories than cardio-vascular workouts; if fat loss/caloric burn is the goal that you have in mind the process of Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption, which continues for less than a half an hour after a cardio workout, can continue for as much as 36 HOURS after a weight training session. This means that the increased calorie burn induced by exercise can last a wopping 72 times longer after a weight training session than a cardio session. As well cardio workouts are related to a higher release of the hormone Cortisol, which is associated with lean muscle loss and midsection fat retention, as opposed to weight training which is associated with the release of anabolic hormones associated with muscle gain and retention.1 As per a previous post, it not only helps with weight loss it also assists with the maintenance of that loss.

Train safe, train often, listen to your body, go at your pace, learn proper technique!
Power Blocks make it easy and convenient. Train wherever, whenever.

Posted on behalf of James Newman, Fitness Town CEO



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