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Most of us crave our vision of “the perfect body”Fitness Town - Greek Sculpture with washboard abs, well toned legs and striking biceps. We dream for our bodies to be carefully shaped into something that resembles a Greek sculpture, but the gym can be intimidating for a lot of people and building muscle can be difficult… especially beginners. For those who are trying to get into shape, or aren’t familiar with specific fitness routines or exercises, a gym can be overwhelming. If you’re one of those people, I suggest creating your own personal gym environment at home.

Having equipment readily available at home can make a huge difference in staying committed to your work out goals. If you’re looking for training on how to workout properly and safely with specific equipment, check out a local personal trainer or visit a Fitness Town store where their experts can provide a demo. This article focuses on busting the myth that you need an expensive gym membership in order to achieve the body you desire. Here are 5 reasons why you don’t need a gym to build muscle or ideal physique.

1) It’s the food you eat.

Fitness Town - Healthy FoodsRemember, the foremost principle of body building is developing the mass and building muscle. That can only happen when you have a proper diet for yourself. Hence, the first step needs to be towards the kitchen.

A body builder’s dream arena, other than their home gym and the stage, is his or her kitchen. This is where the calories are calculated and dreams are made. Your daily dose of energy expenditure will need to be well calculated and your carb and protein intake measured.

Point to note: Different body types have different takes. This is also applicable for the kind of program you wish to adhere to. Athletes require have a different and unique meal schedule to that of a body builder or a power lifter.

Diet is a game changer. The quicker you understand that, the better.


2) Finding the Right Equipment

It is mobile, nubile and omnipresent and you understand it like no one else. Your greatest piece of gym equipment is… you. Forget gyms, all you need is your body weight and some elbow space and lo and behold, the exercise begins.


Some of the most popular and basic fitness movements are based on resistance training:

Push-ups: If you’re at a more advanced fitness level, you can make your workout even moreFitness Town - Push Up Bar challenging by using pushups bars to get an even deeper stretch or change up the movement. Awesome for the pectorals, chest and the back, push-ups are a fitness fanatic’s delight. To top it all, it’s simple. All you need to do is push yourself up with the help of your hands and then bring the body down to its original position. The key to a good push up routine is control and posture. Any wrong in the two will lead to injury or a useless workout.


Fitness Town - Weighted Vest

Squats: Push yourself and make your air squats at home a little tougher, by using a weighted vest or purchase some dumbbells and perform goblet squats. Those mountainous thighs come at a price and not all is paid in the gym. The second most favorite workout for enthusiasts is the squat. Squats are directed towards your back, thighs and work the core muscles like a locomotive. It is a much hated routine too because of the resistance the body provides.

Squats, like push ups, have quite a few variations, the most recent innovations being burpees.


Fitness Town - Chin-up BarPull-ups/chin-up: If you don’t have a pullup bar you can find some here at a reasonable price. The quality of the bar is important and if you’re unsure of how to set up your bar, ask your local Fitness Town Expert. When using this bar, all you need is to attach it to two horizontal poles and gravity. Pull-ups are a workout dream, pushing those chest, arms and backs muscles to its best. The wider the grip on the bar, the wider your chest grows. However, with pull-ups, it is important to be regular. The gains made while pulling up are harder to maintain if not done as a routine.


3) Making Progress

Fitness Town - Fitness Plan/ChartMaintain a chart to keep a watch on your progression. Exercising without a goal or an objective leads to nothing but despair and ultimately unwanted frustration. Keep a tab on the reps you are performing on a weekly basis. Increase it slowly but surely. The human body gets used to repeated movements over a period in time so providing variety and increasing the number of times is extremely necessary.

Your chart shall also include your dietary plans for the week and variation there too is a must.


4) Basic Building Blocks

We have all heard about the out-of-this-world stories around some fitness chains, but maintaining a perfect gym routine, especially for working professionals do become a challenge. The answer to this is buying the basic fitness equipment and beginning exercising at home.

I hear a sigh of agony. And is that related to the price? The other myth of the day being busted is that basic fitness equipment can comes at affordable prices. There are numerous online options to choose from at Fitness Town. They have hundreds of options and their Experts will discuss with you one on one as to what equipment might be better for your lifestyle.

An exercise mat, a set of dumbbells, a barbell with weights and a fitness band is perfect. Your goals will play a big factor on what you buy. Each body is unique and some people experience different issues throughout their work out.


5) Home Workout ProgramFitness Town - Rubber Hex Dumbbells

This point is related to point number 4, where I stated about the usefulness of setting up a home gym. Home workout plans are aplenty and the best source is the internet. However, if you do not consider yourself to be a fitness expert, and most of us are not, I recommend hiring a trainer.

Some of the recommended programs are Insanity for experts, P90X for building muscles and P90 for those just starting out. Once again find out which program meets your goals, or make up your own routine if you have the experience.

Fitness Town - Woman Doing Push-upI have hopefully, with this article, been able to ignite the adrenaline within you. Get out of your slumber and get going. It’s a good idea to have a healthier and fitter body. You would be able to do a whole lot more and be more productive. You do not have to go to the gym and pay expensive gym memberships nor do you have to buy expensive gym equipment. You can do all you need to achieve a fitter body with these simple tips. In the meantime if you have any questions or want to get in contact with me you can contact me at my personal training studio in Vancouver! Talk soon and all the best!

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