Boost Your Metabolism!


Does your metabolism need a boost?

When looking to lose weight, many people are unsure of where to start or how their metabolism comes into play. It’s a common misconception that by eating less and skipping meals, you will lose weight. Skipping meals during the day prevents your body from getting the essential nutrients you need to function. The general concept of weight loss is that you need to burn off more calories than you consume.

Does your metabolism need a boost?

Having a high metabolism is important in the process of burning these calories and impacts your weight loss success. It’s unhealthy to stop eating to try and lose a few pounds – it’s important to keep a healthy diet while cutting out all the processed and sugary foods. So how do you boost your metabolism? Are you looking to kick some calories to the curb faster? If you answered yes, then check out the following five ways you can get your metabolism in motion.


1. Eat Enough Throughout the Day

Yes, yes, you should eat some breakfast this morning! Everyone seems to use the phrase “I’m too busy!” to the point it’s become the adult version of “the dog ate my homework.” This “no time” attitude affects everyone in the household. From the lack of healthy food education for children to the quick mealtime options that lack any nutritional benefits. You need to cut calories to lose weight, but going too low delivers a double whammy to your metabolism.

Eat throughout the day

When you starve your body, it begins to break down important, calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy. If you feel hungry at times during the day, have a small snack of about 100-150 calories to satisfy your craving. Generally, it’s best to have two snacks, one in the morning between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Many people tell me that they’re “just not breakfast people,” but by eating breakfast, you’re jump-starting your metabolism while giving your body energy for the day. I would recommend keeping some healthy snacks at work or taking something small with you each day, such as yogurt, at the very least.

2. Eat Healthier

Fruits and veggies are your friends! They contain healthy nutrients that give your metabolism a boost. Some fibre can help burn fat by as much as 30%. Aim for about 25 grams a day which is about three servings each of fruits and vegetables.

Eat healthy

Alongside fruits and veggies is protein. You don’t necessarily need to consume meat to get your daily requirement of protein, so fret not, vegetarians and vegans! For those who do eat meat, it’s a good idea to select lean meat options. It’s been said that protein can ramp up your calorie burn by as much as 35%! Some additional sources of protein include nuts, yogurt, cheese, eggs, milk, navy beans, dried lentils and peanut butter.

Eating healthier is sometimes a hard commitment for many people. Should I eat that chocolate cake or…? Well, in my opinion, it’s okay to eat some of the things you enjoy. For many people, it comes down to staying committed to their weight loss goals. By eating healthier and cutting down on sugar, starch and processed foods, you’ll feel happier with more energy. So should you eat that chocolate cake? Probably not, but look towards healthier alternatives, such as a few pieces of dark chocolate to crush that craving.


3. Drink Lots of Fluids

If you’re looking for a refreshing method of jump-starting your metabolism, this one’s for you. By drinking about 6 cups of cold water a day, you can increase your metabolism by about 50 calories daily (enough to shed 5 pounds in a year). Another alternative to water is coffee or tea. Surprisingly, your caffeinated beverage could boost your metabolism by 5 to 8% or about 98 to 174 calories daily. Of course, there are some caffeinated drinks you should stay away from, including soft drinks, alcohol, slushies, energy drinks or anything with a high sugar percentage that lacks any nutritional value. Alcohol can be a negative when it comes to boosting your metabolism and ultimately losing weight.


Drink lots of fluids

When you have a drink, you burn less fat as the alcohol is used to fuel your body instead. For example, consuming about two martinis can reduce your body’s ability to burn fat by up to 73%! When you drink a considerable amount, it interferes with your ability to control your actions. This could be a negative if you consider yourself a binge eater and eat more calories than you should. Oftentimes, this binge eating occurs later in the evening, acting as a double whammy as your digestive system slows down at this time. Alcohol is not completely damaging, as some state that drinking a glass of red wine can actually provide many benefits to your body. However, too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad thing, so it’s important to keep things in moderation.

4. Exercise Often

Exercise is the key component when keeping your body healthy and in shape. Exercising or moving about your day, in general, will burn calories. The more you work your muscles, the more calories you will burn. There are many benefits to exercising aside from raising your metabolism, including increased stamina, flexibility, motivation, weight control, and quality of life.

Exercise often

When it comes to working out, there are many different forms of exercise you could be doing. So which will have the greatest positive effect on your metabolism? While cardio has a positive effect on your metabolism, the best method is weight lifting and strength training. This works the muscles the greatest and can lead to burning the most calories at the end of the day. It’s important to work various muscles to get the best outcome. Remember to give your muscles the appropriate amount of rest to reduce the risk of injury. The best way to ensure you stay motivated and committed to your fitness routine is to build up your own home gym. When equipment is easily accessible, it makes it easier to find time to go for a run, lift some weights or stretch. Some of my favourite home gym must-haves include:

1. WaterRower – A stylish Brand of rowing machines that fit right into your living space and doesn’t break the bank. They can be stored upright to maximize space, all the while looking great simultaneously.

Waterrower Classic livingroom_black_friday


2. Keiser Bikes – Fitness Town’s most popular upright bikes that is known to be comfortable, adjustable and use magnetic resistance to give you the best experience.



3. Octane ZR8 – A step above the original ZR7 Zero Runner, this revolutionary machine brings out the runner in you. If you suffer from previous injuries or want less impact on your joints, this is a must-try!



4. TRX – Increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core stability practically anywhere. I strongly recommend the TRX if you like a challenge and enjoy exercising outdoors.




5. Hoist V4 Elite Home Gym – Looking to boost your strength? The V4 Elite Home Gym is a great machine that will last. It’s durable, which makes it a great addition to any gym in your home.




If you’re looking for suggestions on what fitness equipment would work best for your lifestyle, visit one of our 8 locations in Western Canada. To find a location near your, visit our Store Locator on our website by clicking here. Additionally, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-855-417-1111 with any questions regarding our products or services.

5. Purchase Vitamins & Supplements

Fitness Town offers a range of high-quality supplements and vitamins that are designed for your inner athlete. Though under-estimated, vitamins can improve your metabolism and overall health throughout your training or weight loss program. Purepharma D3 is great for preserving metabolism-revving muscle tissue. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, osteopenia, osteoporosis, bone fractures, insulin resistance, cognitive impairment, lowered immune defence and much more. Researchers conclude that only about 4% of Americans over 50 take in enough vitamin D through their diet. How much vitamin D do you take in? Aside from the Sun (which seems to disappear behind the rain clouds in Vancouver half the year), are you eating vitamin D-rich foods? A 3.5-ounce serving of salmon can give you approximately 90% of your daily recommended amount. Other Vitamin D-rich foods include tuna, shrimp, tofu and eggs.


Progenex is great for its specific supplements that are easily prepared on the go on at home. With various flavours, there’s bound to be one that catches your eye. Jump-starting your metabolism with a protein shake is an awesome way to burn off calories and give your workout an edge. Whether you’re in need of something to help with your recovery time, develop more muscle or provide extra protein, Progenex allows you to find what’s best for you. Some products are available in single-serve packets on the go.No matter what fitness stage you’re currently at, eating healthy and exercising frequently is the best option for cutting loose those extra calories. The more you work your metabolism, the harder it works for you. Your body is your greatest tool, just remember the best way to find your fitness success is to…


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