Benefits of the TRX

We secured a TRX on one of the beams in our North Vancouver store and I have now worked out with it twice. I did a chest workout and a back workout, much to the surprise of many little muscles that I did not know existed.

I did fairly simple motions, such as chest press, fly’s, and rows. I found it both fun and challenging. I was forced to maintain balance throughout the entire motion of each rep, which required quite a bit of concentration. I could feel my core being activated virtually the whole time, and many areas of my chest and back that normally do not recieve attention were being stimulated.

All of the motions felt very natural – similar to how I would use my body in daily life. I mean this in the sense that many muscles – large and small – were being activated at the same time. This is quite different from the way that I originally learned to train years ago. I used to do one muscle group at a time, usually supported by a bench of some kind. Of course I am still focusing on particular muscle groups, like the chest, but the exercise feels more well-rounded. It feels like I am using my muscles in the right proportion.

Another benefit to the TRX is that anyone at any level can use it – from beginners to elite athletes. All you need to do is change the angle of your body in order to change the level of difficulty. Each person simply needs to find the angle that for them is challenging. As you progress, you move gradually into more and more difficult positioning.

Lastly, there is no part of the body that cannot be challenged with the TRX. Legs, core, upper body – none are safe from the arsenal of exercises provided by this simple yet effective technology. And if you aren’t sure how to target these areas, the support material is excellent and will guide you towards correct form and tangible results.

If the support material is not enough for you and you want more of a challenge or more guidance, most qualified personal trainers will be able to help you achieve better variety and results. Fitness on the Go trainers will even come to your home to help you achieve your goals in the comfort of your own home.

So if you’re looking for something new and interesting, or you’re simply looking to be challenged without breaking the bank, try the TRX system – I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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