Benefits of Meditation


The Benefits of Meditation

What comes to your mind when you think about meditation? Sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, chanting? I’m sure you have a good idea of what the word means. Now, while this is certainly meditation, I want to point out other forms as well that tend to be overlooked such as prayer, chanting, breathing, ritual, exercise, viewing art, and even listening to music.

The goal of meditation is learning to “be” with the present, by allowing the mind to rest from thoughts, which means allowing thoughts to pass through rather than thinking about each one. There is a sense of relaxation in the mind and body when practicing various forms of meditation. When first starting out, I recommend doing breathing meditation because it is the easiest.

Meditation Through YogaIn breathing meditation, find a relaxing and comfortable seat that allows the spine to be straight and tall. Focus on taking deep breaths and slowing your inhale and exhale pace. If a thought enters your mind acknowledge it, and let it go. Allow your mind to become still. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. When you are beginning, you may find it difficult to quiet your mind and tap into your inner consciousness, I find meditating first thing in the morning helps me with this. I also recommend guided meditations, because it is as simple as closing your eyes and following directions. Yoga is also a common practice to do if you are looking to find “inner peace.” If you are looking into trying yoga, the Fitness Starter Kit at Fitness Town has everything you need.

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In addition to the mental and emotional benefits meditation has also been shown to help anxiety, depression, substance abuse, asthma, binge eating, heart disease, fatigue, sleep problems, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. Meditation works best when practiced every day… consistency is key! As you experience the benefits, you will notice your intuition will become more prevalent in your life.


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