Benefits of Exercising in the Morning!

“If you win the morning, you win the day” – Tim Ferriss


Girl Resting Large.pngThis is a short blog on why it’s a good idea to do cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning. I like to keep my mind focused on simple fundamentals (in fitness and in life), and doing cardio first thing in the morning is a nice little principle that can really make a big difference. So without further ado, here are some reasons why cardio in the morning is a great idea:

  1. It’s a success first thing in the morning! Wake up, make a trip to the washroom and then get on your exercise bike, elliptical or put on your shoes and get outside for a brisk walk/jog. You’ll still be clearing the cobwebs before you realize you’re already making good use of your day. It feels good to be productive first thing in the morning, and this sets a positive psychological tone for the day.
  2. It gets your metabolism going. Workout first thing in the morning and your metabolism will have been kick-started to operate at a higher level for the rest of the day.
  3. You’re less likely to eat a low-quality breakfast. After 20 minutes of healthy movement, you are far less likely to crave a honey cruller and a triple triple ;). Your body will naturally gravitate to healthier alternatives like eggs, fruit or yogurt.
  4. You get it out of the way! How many times have you promised yourself you’ll go for a run or to the gym after work and by the time 5:00pm rolls around, you’re out of gas and just want to go home and watch your favourite Netflix series? When you train in the morning, you don’t have to worry about that and so you’re much more likely to be consistent.
  5. It wakes you up and settles you down. I’m sure you’ve noticed that after a good exercise session, mentally you have the best of both worlds: you’re both calm and alert. Going into your workday in this state of body/mind will make you much more effective than the wake up/shower/coffee-to-go scenario.


The reasons above are common sense, of course, but sometimes a little reminder can help spur us on to action! So try it this week – schedule a morning workout 3-5 times and then get it done! Lastly, short and consistent is better than long and inconsistent. Five-ten minutes is better than no minutes.


“The body will become better at whatever you do or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.”

-Ido Portal

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Have fun and train smart,

Cameron Williams

Manager, Fitness Town North Vancouver


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