Barbells vs. Booze

Oil and water, socks and sandals, glass houses and stones, none of these mix very well. But what about barbells and booze? Or alcohol and fitness in layman’s terms. Today being Saint Patrick’s Day and the tradition of having a few pints, I thought I would give you some suggestions on how to stay healthy. Obviously you should never workout when intoxicated but by exercising before a night out or trying to sweat it out the next day, you can sustain your fitness goals.

Let’s take a quick look at what alcohol (when drank in excess) does to the body and learn how to maintain your fitness routine after a night on the town.

  • Dehydration the source of the nausea, headache, and dizziness.
  • Swollen & Damaged Brain Cells explains that oh-so-familiar pounding headache doesn’t it?
  • Digestion – it may take as many hours as the number of drinks you have consumed to burn up all the alcohol.
  • Cognitive Function – concentration, coordination, and memory will operate at sub-par levels for up to several days.

Okay…you are going out & the chances of being over served are high.

Barbells & Booze

What do you do?

Always remember the separation is in the preparation – apply that theory here. You don’t want to be laying in bed all hungover tomorrow, you aspire to be productive, you have a workout routine that you are sticking to! So follow these helpful tips:

1.  Hydrate before you Dehydrate

We just learned the negatives effects of alcohol including dehydration so drink plenty of H2O!

Tip: Drink a glass of water with every second drink!

2. Pre-Eating

I don’t need to explain the concept of pre-drinking to you, do I? Pre-eating is the same but with food. You are already going to indulge in a night of drinking so skip the pub grub and eat a well balanced meal at home. A meal high in carbohydrates and healthy fats is best as it will slow the absorption of alcohol.

Side note: How many times have you gone to the bar for a few drinks, realized you were hungry, and ordered a salad? Probably Never. The closest thing to a vegetable was that a celery stick that came with your hot wings. Basically, when drinking alcohol it’s rather challenging to make healthy food choices so eat at home..

Tip: Watching your weight or counting calories? Alcohol has a whopping 9 calories/gram so be sure to factor that into your caloric intake for the day.

3. Replenish Fluids & Vitamins

Drink Vitamin Water. Drink Coconut Water. Drink any type of water just avoid the Vodka-Water. Your body needs to replenish fluids and essential vitamins and nutrients. Try a sports drink (for the electrolytes, sugars and salts) to get the body on the road to recovery.

Tip: Avoid coffee or anything caffeinated as it will further dehydrate your body.

4. Rest

Your coordination is functioning at an all-time low – think about that for second. Running on a treadmill or picking up a set of PowerBlocks probably isn’t the best idea is it?

Tip: Early morning workouts aren’t the best idea for a hangover. Get plenty of rest and plan a workout for the afternoon!

5. This Bar before This Bar

You may have already seen our clever Facebook photo, or heard this on News 1130 but if you’re going out for drinks, make sure you get a workout in beforehand. That way if you don’t have time to workout tomorrow at least you had a workout in the day before!

Tip: Walking to and from the bar –  it’s a great way to burn a few more calories and save your wallet the cab fare.

Even on Saint Patrick’s Day it’s important to…

Always Keep Moving

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