Ask an Expert: Benefits of an Adjustable Stride Elliptical

When it comes to home fitness equipment, one size does not fit all. This is especially true for machines to be used by more than one user such as in the case of home use ellipticals for an  entire family or club equipment for a variety of patrons. While elliptical machines are noted for their ability to provide a great total body workout, some are also known for their adjustment capabilities. Adjustable stride ellipticals are great options for those who want the challenge of being able to change their stride, or those who are buying for more than one user.

It’s just a simple fact the stride of a 6 foot tall man will be different than the natural stride of a 5 foot tall woman. Setting a machine to meet the comfort level of both can be difficult. Not so for some of the elliptical models in the Life Fitness elliptical machine product line. Several machines offered by this powerhouse fitness company allow the strides to be adjusted. This is a great feature to either add to the challenge level for a single user or to make a training program more comfortable for multiple machine users.

To fully reap the benefits of an elliptical training program, a user must be comfortable. If not, the total body workout is lost along with the great cardio benefits, bone density building perks and even the fantastic calorie burning moves. Life Fitness has recognized this and taken action by offering a machine with the option to adjust the length of the stride.  Watch the following video to learn more…

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