A Deadlift for Tom Nicholls

By Lewis Noppers

Pictured Above: Evan Dunn, a team Canada Powerlifter from PEI, doing his deadlift to thank Tom for getting him started in powerlifting

It is tough to put into words the thoughts that go through one’s mind when something like this happens to someone that you have looked up to for so long in the sport, someone to whom you may have never truly expressed those sentiments. I am a true believer in the power of positive thoughts and positive energy. Since hearing of the accident, I have been thinking of Tom and sending positive energy his way. I like to call it the “Power of Tom.” I have dedicated every workout since to the “Power of Tom.” This Saturday a few of us got together at Fitness Town in Edmonton for a deadlift for Tom, here is how it went down.

In attendance for this workout were Dawn Miranda, Evan Dunn, Keith Banner, Tyson LaRone, and myself. We had a special appearance from Dennis and Ed Dickau, and Rick Evans. We decided that it would be fun to follow the same format as Glyn Moore and the Niagra bunch, we all had a few choice words for Glynn after completing the max reps.

Dawn, bar weight 222lbs x 10 reps, with a max single of 315 lbs = 141.036 wilkes
Tyson, bar weight 350lbs x 14 reps, with a max single of 455 lbs = 129.076 wilkes
Evan, bar weight 412lbs x 13 reps, with a max single of 585 lbs = 169.983 wilkes
Lewis, bar weight 375lbs x 15 reps, with a max single of 605 lbs = 193.418 wilkes
Keith, guest appearance, couldn’t resist doing a few singles. hammered out 585 with ease.

Neither Dennis or Ed could resist the loaded bar sitting on the platform and did some deadlifts as well. I am really proud and appreciative of everyone that showed up, a special thanks goes out to Fitness Town Edmonton for the use of the space for this event. It was good to get everyone together and move some weight for someone like Tom. It was interesting the way everything went down, both Evan and Keith had completed full workouts earlier in the day and others have others have not had many workouts in the last few weeks. Tyson who is a Kettle Bell specialist could not resist the opportunity to deadlift in a mock competition style workout. It was a good time had by all and we raised some money for a great cause, everyone is wishing Tom a speedy and full recovery.

Who is Tom Nichols?  For those of you that may not know Tom Nichols, he is a two time World Masters Champion, Multi time Canadian Champion. In fact to the best of our knowledge he has not lost a Canadian Championship that he has entered. He is the driving force behind powerlifting in PEI and has been instrumental in the development of the high school program on the Island. He has also hosted the Canadian Championships twice.

Recently Tom Nicholls went off the track and into the tire wall at Scotia Speedworld. No one could come up with a definitive reason for the crash but he was airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth II health Sciences Centre where he is in critical but stable condition.

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