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Bfitness appsetween apple and android devices, there are over 25,000 apps that are available for download. This is one of the fastest growing app categories and in my opinion one of the more useful ones as well (although of course there is a time and place for posting photos of food, playing angry birds or seeing what your face looks like when combined with your boyfriends). These apps have many different uses and the one(s) you download should take into consideration your goals and your fitness level. Some apps are good for people that are motivated by being a part of a fitness community, others crave the accountability and some are simply looking for ideas and instruction. Here are some of the more popular apps that I have seen but please leave your favorite apps in the comments and we can update this post accordingly.

1. MyFitnessPal (over 40 Million users)
This app allows you to set a goal weight and eat and workout according to that goal. Once you determine your ideal caloric intake you can easily look up foods and track what you have consumed for the day. You can balance this off  by tracking your exercise as well. This app also has a social component to it, stay up to date on your friend's progress and help it motivate you. You can message people add friends, set reminders and track your progress.

2. Runtastic (over 40 million downloads)
This app is compatable with a GPS watch and chest strap and allows you to track your heart rate and chart your runs. The app records elapsed time, distance, calories burned, speed, elevation and tracks exercises via the onboard GPS and through satellites. Your friends can also monitor your progress and cheer you on (there is actually a live cheering function).

3. Lose It!
The Lose It app is similar to MyFitnessPal. It tracks your weight, caloric intake and charts your progress. You can also connect with your friends or enjoy a private experience should you prefer that.

4. 10KForPink
Like many of the running apps out there, this app will design a program based on your current running level as well as your desired outcome. Basing itself on the "couch to 10K model" you can get motivational quotes, exercise tips and the app will tell you when to run and when to walk (depending on the program you pick). It will break down your training by week and each time you successfully complete one of the sessions it moves you along to the next. Some of the proceeds from this app go towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

5. Full Fitness
This app (although more geared towards men from my experience) has an extensive database of exercises listed by muscle group. You can create personalized workouts or follow their suggestions. You can choose different programs as well like wight loss, muscle building or sport specific training.

6. Fitness Buddy
Similar to Full Fitness, this app allows you and your friends share workout ideas back and fourth. You can record and send each other workouts, track each others progress and look up a number of different workout ideas. With animated, play by play instructions, this app gives you access to new exciting workout ideas.

Whatever it is that motivates you, adding fitness into your life will make you happier and healthier.


Always Keep Moving!



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