5 Ways to Incorporate HIIT Training into your Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HIIT, has become a popular method of training, and for good reason. HIIT training involves training with short intervals of high intensity exertion, followed by longer intervals of active rest.


HIIT training can be completed in a shorter amount of time than traditional strength or cardio sessions making it a very efficient workout for those with limited time. It is also more effective for fat burning and cardiovascular health than a traditional, steady state cardio session.


Here is what you need to know about HIIT Training!


Training at a maximum effort within interval training elevates your heart rate and is unsustainable for long periods of time, as your body cannot bring in the amount of oxygen required. During active rest intervals, your breathing and heart rate remain elevated in an attempt to make up the deficit from the high intensity interval. In a steady state workout, your body can adjust to the workload and supply the appropriate oxygen supply.


Typically the intervals are split into 3:1 or 8:1. In other words, your rest interval will be 3 times as long as the working interval. This is based upon the mode and intensity of the exercise. For example, a 10m second all out sprint is an incredibly taxing exercise, and will require a longer recovery period than say a 30 second high intensity bike interval, as you cannot sustain the same level of exertion over the longer span of time.


In fact, it is actually healthier for your heart to react and recover from high intensity exertion than it is to maintain a steady elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time.


HIIT Workouts We Love!


It is recommended that HIIT is incorporated into everyone’s workout routine. Here are some ways you can use HIIT:


1. WaterRower HIIT Training – WaterRowers have become one of our top selling cardio pieces due to their durability, quietness, and smooth row centred around water resistance. We recommend 30 seconds all-out rowing followed by 90 seconds of active rest; or 250 metres at high intensity, 750 meters active rest.


2. Bike HIIT – Another popular form of exercise, spin bikes or upright bikes are great cardio. We recommend 8 rounds of 30 seconds full throttle and 90 minutes active rest. As you get more advanced shorten the active rest interval to 30 seconds.


3. Dumbbell HIIT – Incorporate HIIT into your strength training. We recommend the TABATA Style workouts which is a four-minute round consisting of 20 seconds of all-out intensity followed by 10-seconds of rest, repeat 8 times. This HIIT dumbbell workout can include various forms of burpees, planks, squats, lunges, push-ups and more.


4. Boxing HIIT – Balance cardio and strength training with Boxing HIIT. We recommend 30 seconds on the bag, 90 seconds low cadence skipping.


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