5 Stretches to Do at the Office

If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle Stretches at Work - Sitting too longthen you’re not alone, according to a recent Stats Canada survey, only 15% of Canadians are getting their minimum amount of daily recommended exercise. Unfortunately most people spend at least eight hours per day sitting in a slouched position with little to no movement which may be great for your work productivity, however, it’s counter-productive when it comes to healthy living. Stats Canada found that most Canadians were in a sedentary state for at least 9.5 hours per day. As physiotherapy experts here at HealthMax, we recommend getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day because the health benefits are tremendous to your cardiovascular health. Not only does exercise benefit your heart, it also has long term benefits on your bones and joints which cannot be understated. In case you’re one of the millions of Canadians who do live a sedentary lifestyle, we’ve created a list of five stretches which will help improve your posture and have a positive impact on your health while at work!

 Stretches at Work - Shoulder Shrug

Shoulder Shrug

 The shoulder shrug is simple and yet the health benefits are profound. The shoulder shrug stretch essentially means taking a deep breath every hour, lifting your shoulders as high as possible (to your ears) and then bringing your shoulders down again. Repeat this motion just 3-5 times and you’ve just greatly improved muscles in your shoulders, spine and back. This stretch also improves circulation of your blood which is great for muscle health.

Stretches at Work - Wrist Circles

Hand Circles

Once every hour, remove your hands from the keyboard, make
a clenched fist as tight as you can and move them in a circular motion. While making these motions, count to 15 then move these circle fists in a counter-clockwise motion. This was help take pressure off of your wrists and give your fingers a break. This particular stretch is important to combat carpal tunnel syndrome, a hand condition which affects many Canadians each year.

Stretches at Work - Calf Raises

Calf Stretches

Another great stretch that could strengthen your calf muscles and improve circulation are calf stretches. While you’re in your office chair, place both feet on the ground, lift your feet up using your toes, then put them down again. Do this stretching exercise just 10 times each hour and those calf muscles will get stronger over time. For more comprehensive leg stretches, check out the Fitness Town Resistance Bands which are affordable and offer many different sizes.

Stretches at Work - Hug

Give Yourself a Hug

This one may sound a bit silly but giving yourself a hug allows for your back and shoulders to get stretched out. Every once in awhile, sit up straight and give yourself a hug while taking a deep breath, then exhale when you remove your hands from the opposing shoulders.

Stretches at Work - Neck

Neck Stretches

Staring at a computer monitor all day could have some consequences on your neck and back therefore it’s imperative to do neck stretches a few times per day. Simply lift your chin up, then back down. Finally, look to the left and focus on an object for 15 seconds, then repeat this exercise while looking at your right. These neck exercises will again improve circulation in your body while improving your range of motion, which is good for both your neck and your back.

If you’d like to partake in more complex stretches and are curious about what fitness equipment might be best for you, visit a Fitness Town store nearest to you. This post was brought to you by HealthMax Physiotherapy.



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