5 Kettlebell Exercises to Get You Started at Home

After gyms being closed for most of 2020, the popularity of home gyms in 2021 could have gone either way. 

But, it looks like home gyms are here to stay. Unfortunately, many of us are sat at home surrounded by kit that we don’t really know how to use. 

So if you’re wondering what to do next, it’s time to consider kettlebell exercises. But make sure you get the right type of kettlebell and learn how to do the exercises with good form.

Read on for all you need to know about the best kettlebell exercises. 

1. Kettlebell Swing 

The kettlebell swing is the most common exercise with this piece of fitness equipment; it also causes the most injuries

To start, make sure you’re standing with your feet slightly wider than hip-width. Put the kettlebell behind you, bend at the knees to touch the kettlebell. Once you’re holding the kettlebell, tilt your hips and push the glutes back. Bring your chest up and keep your back straight. 

Drive your hips forward and straighten your legs; use the momentum to swing the kettlebell to the height of your shoulders. Repeat as many times as necessary for your set. 

You should do kettlebell swings in a controlled motion to avoid injury, always keeping your back straight; if it feels too difficult, use a lighter kettlebell.

2. Kettlebell Deadlift 

Deadlifts are a great way to engage all the muscles in your legs. Your feet should be hip-width apart with the kettlebell on the floor by your feet. 

As you squat, pick up the kettlebell and return to a standing position while keeping your back and arms straight. Return to the squat position, replace the kettlebell, and repeat. 

3. Kettlebell Farmers Walk 

This is an excellent full-body workout; essentially, you’re walking with extra weight. For this, you need two kettlebells, one in each hand. 

The key is a good technique; walk with short steps while keeping straight and engage your core. Continue until you’ve completed a time goal, step goal, or train to failure.

4. Kettlebell Backward Lunge

If you already know how to do a backward lunge, you’re set. This exercise is all about adding weight to the movement. 

Hold both kettlebells by your sides and take one foot back into a lunge behind you. Hold for a moment and then bring the foot back to the original position, straightening up. 

Repeat, and don’t forget to do the other leg. 

5. Kettlebell One Arm Floor Press

Great for the pecs, deltoids, and triceps; you need to lie down for this exercise. Hold the kettlebell in one hand by your shoulder, with your palm facing your feet. 

Next, raise the kettlebell to the ceiling, being careful to keep your wrist strong and then lower back to the starting position. Repeat until your set is completed. 

Easy Kettlebell Exercises That Get Results

There are five simple kettlebell exercises for you to do in your home gym. If you’re already got the kit, it’s time to get started. Otherwise, it’s time to buy a kettlebell. 

If you found this article helpful, why not check out our kettlebells today?

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