4 Tips for Health and Happiness

Tip 1: Identify Your Meaning

A meaningful goal will fulfill you on more than just a mental or emotional level. It will fulfill you on all levels including physical and spiritual. Having a meaningful goal means you’re not just interested in achieving that goal; you are hungry for and committed to achieving it! This hunger is what drives you and motivates you to keep going no matter what stands in your way. How do you know if your goal is meaningful to you? Ask yourself these questions and list all the answers that come to your mind. Make sure that all your answers focus on you instead of on someone else. If it’s for someone else or about someone else then you will be hard pressed to find meaning in it.

  • For what purpose do you want this goal?
  • What’s important to you about achieving it?
  • What will achieving this goal do for you and allow you to do and be?

Tip 2: Focus on What’s Working

It’s very easy to get caught up in thinking about what you don’t want, what you don’t have, or where you haven’t arrived yet in your life. This line of thought leads to negativity, stress, and overwhelm because you feel you are so far from where you want to be. The truth is that you could be very close to what you want but you haven’t taken the time to figure out where that is. What you want could be standing right in front of you but you’re not recognizing it. Ask yourself:

  • What do I really want? (stated in the positive)
  • How will I know when I achieve it? (What will I see, hear, and feel when I have it?)

Again, focus your answers on yourself – not on what others will be, do and say. Once you know what you’re looking for then take the time each day to focus on all the big and little ways in which what you want is coming to you. Focus on all the ways in which it is all working and avoid all thoughts of how it’s not working.

Tip 3: Avoid the All Or Nothing mindset.

Working towards a single goal or a whole lifestyle change can be challenging and requires a lot of energy input from you, especially in the beginning. You may be tempted to quit because it feels too hard. Remember that at all times you have choices to make and you can either beat yourself up over your choices or be kind to yourself. If you choose to treat yourself to a dessert that’s not on your healthy eating plan you can: Either think you’ve sabotaged your whole goal and quit on the whole thing, OR Choose to simply accept that eating dessert took you a bit off your path and you’re going to get right back on track immediately. There is nothing wrong with meandering a little as you achieve your goals – as long as you give yourself permission to do it.

Tip 4: Savour what you love – the food, the people, the life

There is a saying that life is the journey, not the destination. As you work towards your health and fitness goals take the time to celebrate every little achievement and savour every moment. Become really conscious of your food and how it tastes…relish every single bite. Enjoy the time you spend with the people you love who support you and celebrate the changes you’re making. Release toxic foods, habits and toxic relationships from your life and don’t look back. By releasing them you will make room for new people and experiences to show up in your life.

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