4 Key Points to Fitness Goals

When deciding about fitness goals. Please remember these key points so you can succeed. Goals should be meaningful, realistic, specific, and progressive.

Meaningful goals: These are set by the individual. Goals that are imposed by a spouse, physician or fitness trainer can only carry you a certain distance. Therefore it is important during appraisals from other parties, to come and understand you as an individual. Make decisions that will be meaningful and that you a passionate about achieving.

Realistic goals: These will take the individuals own circumstances. Many people have unrealistic expectations. For example they want weight loss or fitness gains in a short period of time. Lack of success can result in disappointment, perceived lack of efficacy, and giving up. Changes in health measure can be relatively slow, so it is important to set some behavioral or performance goals too.

Specific goals: If the goals chosen are too general, they are difficult to asses and less effective in providing motivation. If someone for example has long-term goals, they will need to establish short term, specific goals as well. These goals should be consistent with and help attain the long term goals.

Progressive goals: Once a goal is attained it looses its motivational value. In the initial stages of change, it can be helpful to use a series of progressive goals that will keep you going. Once a person is into the maintenance stage, this kind of goal setting is less important. Then it’s a matter of maintaining the current behavior.

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