2014 Fitness Goal Setting & Motivation

Only a few calendars days remain in 2013 and it’s time reflect on the year and the goals you hopefully set. Most importantly, it’s time to set and start achieving your fitness goals for 2014.

Just like any resolution, there are two main factors: Setting the goal and then staying motivated to achieve it.



1. Goal Setting

Set goals and write them down. I definitely overlooked this in my adolescent years but nowadays I set personal, financial, work, career, athletic and of course fitness goals. Why? 

Goals take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Goals aren’t a cheesy infomercial – there is no set it and forget it here. Goals need to be revisited on a regular basis and progress needs to be tracked. I recommend using a whiteboard or notebook.

Goals need to be SMART.  As much as I would love to be able to hit 500ft home runs, or run 10km in under 40 minutes, or bench press 400lbs, none of those are very realistic – for this year ;-).

Setting goals that cannot be achieved will only discourage you – find the balance between setting the sights high and attainability.



2. Motivation

 One of the more common reasons for giving up on your fitness goals is lack of motivation. January is easy – you have your goals in mind, exercise is fun, you are eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle with ease. But a few weeks down the road you start to falter. Why? Lack of motivation. You lose sight of your goals, your commitments soften and you get off track.

Rhetorical questions are my style so think about, and ask yourself the following:  What motivation do I need stick to my fitness goals? Where does it come from? Does it come from within? Does it come from wanting to look, or feel a certain why?  Does it come through a song, video montage, or the voice inside your head?

And when does it happen? Does it happen on January 1st because it’s the beginning of a New Year?  How long does motivation last for? How can you maintain that level of motivation you have now, throughout the year?

You need to find what motivation works for YOU!

At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter when, or where your motivation comes from. As long as it helps you stay on track, stay focused, and stay aligned with your goals.


Always Keep Moving




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