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PRECOR® TRM 211 Treadmill

Ideal for all aerobic enthusiasts regardless of their fitness level. Health club quality training sessions at home. Smooth, reliable, durable and easy to operate treadmill.

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Looking for superb quality exercise equipment that feels good and keeps you fully engaged while burning some extra calories? The new Precor 211 Treadmill delivers an excellent workout in the comfort of your own home. With its great design and convenient features, you can reach your fitness goals faster and enjoy your workouts more. All that thanks to the technology adapted from our commercial-grade models. The Precor TRM-211 is our most compact and affordable treadmill packed with enough variations to keep you challenged as your fitness levels progress.


Energy Stride Technology

The Energy Stride™ Technology uses the patented deck mounting system from our commercial treadmills to reduce stress on your joints by giving areas of the deck optimal amounts of underfoot cushioning and rigidity for the ultimate comfort in your stride.

Gym–Like Experience

Set your workout goals, monitor your heart rate, and get moving on a steady, sturdy, high-performing treadmill that makes you feel like you’re at the gym right in your home.

Durable Engineering

The Precor TRM 211 features a sturdy frame with a lifetime warranty, a two-ply belt that doesn’t need oily maintenance, and a quiet but powerful 3-horsepower motor that will endure years of frequent training. The non-folding design provides a more structurally sound and stable platform than folding types. Its mechanical and electrical components are designed and tested for years of reliability and trouble-free operation.

Pre-set Workouts

The R10 Console with 6 pre-set workouts help you tailor your exercises to your fitness goals and stay challenged. Built-in warm up and cool down periods. Heart rate monitoring included.

3 HP Motor

Powerful 3 HP continuous duty motor runs cool and quiet providing plenty of power and torque when you want it–such as during interval training when you need to speed up and slow down in a hurry. Its 100% no maintenance design means you won’t need periodic service calls.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Home use and commercial gyms.
Weight limit of 300 lbs (103 kg)


Assembled Dimensions
81” L x 32” W x 54” H
227 lbs


Console Features
Electronic Readouts, Preset Workouts, SmartRate®
Mechanical Features
Durable Engineering; 3 HP Motor; No Maintenance Design
Material & Finishing Features
Heart Rate Monitoring, Digital Touch Sensor
Device Holder


5-year, parts & wear items, 3-year console, 1-year labor, lifetime frame & welds
Service & Repairs
Fitness Town Service offers experienced maintenance and repairs for this product

Detailed Specifications

3.0 HP Continuous Duty
Phenolic surface, 1” / 2.54 cm fiberboard
Deck Elevation Range
0% - 15% Incline
Speed Range
0.5 - 12.0 mph / 0.8 - 19.3 kph
Running Surface
20” W x 57” L
Preset Workouts
Shipping Dimensions
83 x 32 x 17.5 inches
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Precor Incorporated, a unit of Peloton headquartered in Greater Seattle, WA, has been a pioneer in delivering fitness experiences for commercial customers and exercisers for more than 40 years. Since 2015, Fitness Town has worked with Precor products to build state-of-the-art commercial fitness facilities and to provide commercial-grade products for home environments. Fitness Town and Precor share a commitment to shift the focus in our industry from product sales to creating more personalized solutions to fitness.

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Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Cardio Equipment home?

  • 4-season / 24HR training safely – No limitations or concerns due to weather or time-of-day
  •  Reduced or controlled impact for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Steady/safe/controlled terrain for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Health benefits of cardio exercise equipment include: improved heart/cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, helps to regulate blood sugar, can reduce asthma symptoms, can reduce chronic pain, can aid in sleep, increases daily caloric burn to reduce fat, can strengthen the immune system, shown to boost your mood, contributes to a reduced risk of falls.

Buying a Treadmill

Fitness Town has curated a range of quality treadmills that pass our expert team’s test. After decades in the fitness industry, we have a good understanding of your needs, no matter your age or level of fitness. We consider popular preferences, diverse physical stature, and training requirements from low to high intensity. You can rest assured that products at Fitness Town have passed our test and we are a match for you. Now we just need to fit you and your environment with the treadmill that moves you.

Here are some things to consider when comparing treadmills:

  • Your stride length: If you are tall, you’ll need a treadmill with a long enough deck to accommodate your stride. Remember that your stride is longer when run. If you’re over 6′, we recommend trying a treadmill at one of our stores.
  • Your weight: Manufacturers post maximum weight limits. If equipment longevity is important to you and you are at the top end of the weight limit, you might want to consider a treadmill with a higher weight limit. This is because higher weight (especially exercising at higher intensity) will cause greater wear and tear on the treadmill. Regular maintenance will help but it’s important to get the right treadmill for your size.
  • Your training goals: If you plan to walk 30 min a day a few times a week, you can get away with a value priced (lower cost) treadmill. If you plan to run at high intensity for an hour a day, you will enjoy your treadmill experience and your treadmill will last longer if you look for a higher-end commercial-grade treadmill.
  • Number of people and frequency of use: The number of people in your household using the treadmill impacts the frequency of use and, therefore, the wear and tear on the treadmill. We carry mid-to-high end treadmills
  • Do you cohabitate? If you live above someone or will you be using the treadmill in close quarters? Consider the noise level of the treadmill. The motor, suspension, and a good under-treadmill matt are variables that impact noise.
  • Your environment: If space is limited, consider one of our folding options with wheels that make tucking your treadmill away easy. But, remember, it’s not the 80s anymore; we don’t have to hide equipment in the basement and bedroom anymore. Fitness equipment design has come a long way and having your treadmill in a common area will not only increase the likelihood that you’ll use it; it’s a bit of a lifestyle statement you can be proud of.
  • Cool Features: Notice we list this last. That’s because the considerations above will help you narrow down your most important requirements. These days, even entry level treadmills come with some pretty swank features like connectivity, sleek consoles, and more. IMPORTANT: Don’t be swayed to buy a treadmill just because of a cool Connected Fitness App that lets you run with friends or with an instructor. You can use those apps with ANY treadmill so get the right treadmill at the right quality and price for you.



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Expert Guidance To Help You Choose

Fitness equipment is highly personal and studies show that the right fit has a big impact on your consistency, enjoyment, and success. The Fitness Town Difference is our commitment to fitting you with equipment that will go the distance. We want you to build an environment for fitness that removes barriers and makes it easier for you to move more, at any age and every stage. Let us help you discover what moves you.

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