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NÜObell Stand (20kg or 32kg Set)

The most convenient way to hold and store your NUObells. Compatible with 5-50lb and 5-80lb dumbbells. Comes fitted with secure dumbbell holders and rubber footing.

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The NUObell Stands are constructed to carry NUObells of both the 50lb and 80lb weights. It’s durable, space efficient, and perfect-heighted to avoid straining your lower back, and can withstand the pressure of the weights time and after time. The NUObell stand also comes fitted with a rubber base that prevents scuffing of floors and marking of floors.


Compact Safety-Oriented Design

Weights can easily be placed and locked in securely on the NUObell Stand rack without worrying about it falling over or causing any accidents during use. Its compact design means it can fit into any small space leaving you more room to perform your weightlifting exercise without restrictions. The structure does not wobble or shake, but its sturdily crafted to make your weightlifting experience even better.

Innovatively Built

The weight stand is constructed to conveniently carry NUOBell dumbbell weights. Its sturdy design and steel metal frame make it the perfect stand for your weights. It’s easy to place them on the rack and remove them without hassle. You can step in between the stand to pick both dumbbells up instead of straining your arms by stretching forward like other traditional stands. 

Easy Loading and Unloading

The NUOBell stand provides the perfect height and flexibility for ease in picking up and dropping the Nuo dumbbells. It’s the perfect solution for easy access to your NUOBells. This 15kg stand is compatible with only NUO dumbbell models and is about 21” off the floor, enough height for any weight lifter to stand and pick up the dumbbells without stress. It simply delivers great value and enables you to maximize your workout experience, eliminating strenuous actions like bending down to access your weight during physical training.

Compact and space-efficient

Compact and space-efficient


With a footprint of only 65cm x 61cm, the NUOBell stand is perfect for anyone looking for a space-efficient way of storing their dumbbells. Instead of littering the floor of your gym area with dumbbells, this stand makes it super convenient to use and store your weights without consuming much of your room space. It can be tucked away in any corner and positioned for easy access to the dumbbells.

Plastic Base Levelers

The plastic base prevents scratching or scuffing of the floor around the footprint area, even after extensive use of the stand. The plastic levelers also help keep the stand stable and prevent wobbling movement that could cause your dumbbells to fall over. NUOBell floor stands are innovatively built for efficiency and safety. You can rest assured that you’ll derive maximum value when you add this equipment to your NUOBell set, as it makes it a great addition to any home gym.

Superior Durability

When using dumbbells for workouts, it’s important to have a solid rack that keeps your equipment organized and easily accessible when stored. Thanks to its machined steel frame, black-textured powder coat, and sturdy heavy-duty construction, the NUOBell stand is made to last. This dumbbell stand with durable build quality simply offers remarkable weight storage capacity and allows for neat storage.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Use with NUOBell adjustable dumbbells
It cannot be used to hold other traditional dumbbells.


Assembled Dimensions
740x610x570 mm
65cm x 61cm
Space Saving Feature / Space Requirements
Compact design Minimal footprint
Lightweight design
Shipping Dimensions
27 x 23.9 x 4.7 inches


Weight or range of weight options
20kg and 32kg, 50lb and 80lb NUOBell dumbbells.
Handle / Bar Diameter
Material and Finishing
Steel frame with platinum powder-coated finish. Plastic base levelers
Other Functional Gear Specs
Equipment weight 15 kg


No installation required
5 years warranty
Maintenance Requirements
Inspect and clean regularly

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