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LifeFitness G2 Gym System

Improve overall fitness with G2 Home Gym, which offers fixed motion strength training for various muscle groups. Ergonomically designed, easy-to-use, space-saving features that add versatility to your home workout routine.

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The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym provides variable training options for overall body fitness. This must-have home gym equipment combines both arm and leg exercise options to ensure a successful fitness regimen. It's a fixed motion muscle-building equipment that allows users to focus their workout on various areas of the upper and lower body. The G2 is a home gym with extremely smooth functionality that results in effective workouts. Variable weight, arc press arms and optional add-on components allow you to customize your workout according to your goals.


Life-Fitness-G2-Home-Gym-Variable Arc Press Arms

Variable Arc Press Arms

Variable arc press arms on the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym allow for effective converging and extended arm workouts. The workout versatility on this equipment includes lower body workout components that enable you to strengthen leg and thigh muscles. Various components on the G2 allow strength training enthusiasts to focus on specific muscles. Enjoy a full range of shoulder, chest, arm, leg and abdominal workouts while using the adjustable seat to complete inclined and declined position training.


Fixed Motion Functionality

Using machine-defined motion paths, you can optimize your fitness regimen with the various training options available on the G2 Home Gym. Expand your workout versatility even further with the calf raise attachment and other lower body workout components for a complete workout experience. You can take advantage of the multi-arm features that provide biomechanically sound movement while exercising safely. Start enhancing your fitness, stability, and balance with the improved Life Fitness G2 Home Gym.

Life-Fitness-G2-Home Gym-Compact-Space-saving-Design

Compact Space-saving Design

Get physically fit right from the comfort of your home with the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym. Its compact and ergonomic design means it can fit into any small space in your home. It’s the best fitness equipment any strength enthusiast should have at home as it combines all the features needed to achieve a complete body workout. Whether you’re a workout expert or just a newbie, the G2 Home Gym can be customized to deliver optimum workout impact. It’s easy to operate and guarantees effective results on consistent use.


160lbs Weight Stack

Strength training is an essential aspect of any fitness routine, and for that reason, the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym comes fitted with a selectable 160lbs weight stack. It’s an excellent choice for fitness training at home, allowing you to choose your desired weight size for lower or upper body workouts. The extremely smooth movement of its component ensures a frictionless workout that delivers the best results. Its variable weight press arms, fly arms, and handlebars are firmly attached to the weight stack to ensure you get a satisfying workout without hassle.

Heavy-duty Frame

The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym’s heavy-duty steel construction allows it to support weights of up to 300lb. It combines superior frames with quality upholstery that makes it must-have workout equipment for fitness fanatics looking for greater impacts and overall fitness. The adjustable backrest and seat are supported by solid steel construction that holds up the weights to give you the best full-body exercise experience.  No matter how long you use it, the  Life Fitness G2 Home Gym maintains its platinum coating and prevents wear and tear resulting from sweat, moisture or extensive use. 


Cable Motion Technology

Build power and balance with the G2 Home Gym strength cables that challenge you in various workout exercises. Whether you want upper body, core or lower body exercise, this equipment features a mechanical cable motion technology that expands your training option. The weighted cables are highly strong and durable, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best value for this product.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Unisex, Low and High Impact Workout, Strength Exercises
160 lbs standard weight size with an option for an additional 50lbs.


Assembled Dimensions
71 in x 48 in x 83 in (181 cm x 122 cm x 210 cm) 71 in x 81 in x 83 in (181 cm x 206 cm x 210 cm) With Leg Press Add-On
160 lbs
Space Saving Feature / Space Requirements
Recommended space for most homes: 10ft x 8ft (3m x 2.45m) with the Leg Press Add-On: 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m)
Space-saving design


Adjustability / Adjustable Positions
Variable weight adjustment
Material & Finishing
Heavy-duty Steel Frame Black upholstery fabric
Available upgrades, add-ons, attachments
Leg Press Attachment (Optional) Lat bar, lat row bar, ankle strap 50LB Weight Stack Upgrade (Optional)


Fitness Town Service offers experienced installation for this product
Lifetime on frame, welds, pulleys, and parts; 3-year on upholstery pads and cables (outside the U.S. may vary)
Maintenance Requirements
Regular cleaning and inspection of joints
Service & Repairs
Fitness Town Service offers experienced maintenance and repairs for this product
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Fitness Town chose Life Fitness because of our aligned values around inspiring healthier lives and shifting the focus in our industry from product sales to creating environments for fitness that inspire people to use and enjoy their equipment regularly. Life Fitness’s goal is to connect people emotionally to their fitness journey and feel inspired, motivated, and energized. Their drive for innovation and performance has driven the development of all their products and, since their inception, has set a standard of quality, safety, and integrity in the industry.

Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Cardio Equipment home?

  • 4-season / 24HR training safely – No limitations or concerns due to weather or time-of-day
  •  Reduced or controlled impact for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Steady/safe/controlled terrain for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Health benefits of cardio exercise equipment include: improved heart/cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, helps to regulate blood sugar, can reduce asthma symptoms, can reduce chronic pain, can aid in sleep, increases daily caloric burn to reduce fat, can strengthen the immune system, shown to boost your mood, contributes to a reduced risk of falls.


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