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Assault Air Bike

Heavy-duty exercise bike, distinctively built to deliver great workout experiences. Sturdy frame, LCD display, frictionless operation, maximum durability, and customizable resistance adjustments.

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The Assault Air Bike is a classic home gym stationary bike you can use to amp up your fitness routine. Its entire heavy-duty steel structure is built to last, ensuring you maximize value and get your desired results. The compact design also means it can be tucked away in any corner. From endurance routines to stamina-building exercises and total body workouts, the Assault Air Bike has something for everyone. Also, the display console allows you to customize your workout programs based on calories, time, distance, and heart rate so you track your progress.


LCD Console Monitor

The Assault Air Bike integrates technological multi-board features in its console that make fitness tracking and reporting very efficient. It’s easy to navigate and has customizable training program options for your various needs. Athletes can accurately track their heart rate, and monitor speed, RPM, and calories burned. The console is battery-powered and offers infinite workout intensity and resistance, allowing you to build your endurance and fitness without limitations.

Durable, Low Maintenance, and Heavy-duty Construction

The standard commercial-grade materials used in the Assault Air Bike make it the ideal minimal-maintenance bike you need to reach your goals. It comes with adjustable seats and frictionless pedals that improve user experience. It’s highly durable, sturdy with zero wobbles, and fully balances your body as you exercise. It’s also strong enough to take all the physical and mechanical stress of extensive workout hours.

  • Must-have home/gym equipment
  • Chro-moly Steel frame
  • Balanced flywheels and pedals
  • Maximum weight 350lbs

Compact Ergonomic Design

The Assault Air Bike is compact, sturdy, and convenient for any size of indoor space. Being a space-efficient machine, it can also be transported using two front wheels that make storing the bike very easy. No need to worry about messy cords because the console is fully battery-powered.

  • Easy assembly
  • Space efficient
  • Four ground levelers

Unlimited Resistance

The Assault Air Bike’s 25-diameter fan delivers maximum resistance to help athletes push their limits and discover new fitness levels. This bike is best known for its infinite resistance levels and the quality features that allow users to burn fat, get physically fit and take their workout performance to the next level. It integrates cartridge bearing technology for frictionless hand and leg movement during use.

Reinforced Pedals and Cranks

Every feature on the Assault Air Bike is built for efficiency and outstanding user experience, making it a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. The pedals and cranks reinforced with sealed cartridge bearings deliver highly efficient, frictionless workouts.

Multiple Seat Adjustments

The Assault Air Bike takes personalization to a whole new level. It allows athletes to personalize their training and get the best out of their fitness routines. With the multiple ranges of seat adjustments, users can set it to their variable height level and enjoy a comfortable workout without worrying about bruised knees. Ideally, the height of the seat should be at your waist level to make your cycling more convenient.

Product Overview


Ideal For
High impact workout
350lbs Maximum Weight Capacity


Assembled weight
95.64 lb / 43.38 kg
Assembled length
50.95 in / 129.41 cm
Assembled width
23.34 in / 59.28 cm
Assembled height
Height: 50 in / 127 cm
Space Saving Feature
Compact design
2 rear-mounted wheels, Light-weight


Console Display
Multi-color LCD display
Console Data
Exercise program, date and time, workout time, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level, watts
Preset program buttons
Quickset buttons to set the exercise programs
Resistance type
Air resistance
Mechanical Features
27" diameter steel fan, Square-tapered drivetrain design, Industrial powder coating for durability, Reinforced pedals and crank
Material & Finishing Features
Heavy Duty Steel Frame eliminates side-to-side movement, Sport seat with steel pop-pin lock for easy adjustments, LCD high contrast screen outputs
Heart rate monitor: Contact heart rate sensors and Bluetooth-connectivity to use and optional chest strap
Device Holder


2-Year Non-Wear Parts Warranty, 5-Year Frame Warranty
Maintenance Requirements
Regular Inspection and cleaning
Service & Repairs
Fitness Town Service offers experienced maintenance and repairs for this product

Compatible Apps


Detailed Specifications

Shipping weight
107.14 lb / 48.60 kg
Shipping length
50.25 in / 127.64 cm
Shipping width
10.63 in / 27 cm
Shipping height
34.75 in / 88.27 cm
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Fitness Town is proud to carry Assault products because of our closely aligned values around: ● creating opportunities to improve life through fitness ● helping people move more no matter their age or stage of fitness ● our dedication to strengthen, support, educate, and inspire everyone from athletes to beginners ● finding you the right equipment for your workout setting to create a personalized environment for fitness Whether designing fitness equipment or encouraging educational development, Assault’s promise is to uphold and elevate the standards of life for individuals and communities across the globe.

Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Cardio Equipment home?

  • 4-season / 24HR training safely – No limitations or concerns due to weather or time-of-day
  •  Reduced or controlled impact for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Steady/safe/controlled terrain for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Health benefits of cardio exercise equipment include: improved heart/cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, helps to regulate blood sugar, can reduce asthma symptoms, can reduce chronic pain, can aid in sleep, increases daily caloric burn to reduce fat, can strengthen the immune system, shown to boost your mood, contributes to a reduced risk of falls.


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Fitness equipment is highly personal and studies show that the right fit has a big impact on your consistency, enjoyment, and success. The Fitness Town Difference is our commitment to fitting you with equipment that will go the distance. We want you to build an environment for fitness that removes barriers and makes it easier for you to move more, at any age and every stage. Let us help you discover what moves you.

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