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DAY 84 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton ... "10min CARDIO" + "10min CARDIO CORE" + "10min ABS" + "2hours Basketball" ... THE END.

My training has come to an end.  I have completed 84 days of 10 minute trainer.  Tomorrow, we will find out the final results of my personal transformation. I'm not going to write a ton of stuff today about the program and my thoughts about the program.  I've been asked a ton of questions and I wrote them all down.  Tomorrow, I am going to answer the many questions in my Final blog for the 10-minute trainer.  These questions are fairly interesting.  Some serious and some not so serious.

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DAY 83 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton ... "10min TOTAL BODY" + "10min YOGA FLEX" + "10min CARDIO"

The 10 minute trainer is coming to an end.  One more day left and I have successfully completed the program. Some of my successes so far! My kids being able to wrap their arms around me entirely when they hug me. Unlimited energy in everything I do all day every day. Being able to play sport after sport after sport. My resting heart rate is under 60 bpm now Ripped abs! 30lbs weight loss. Stay tuned for my before and after pictures. ————————————————————————————————– MY...

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DAY 82 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton "10 min CARDIO CORE" + "10 min CARDIO" + "10 min LOWER BODY" + "30 minutes of Billy Blanks Bootcamp" + "3 hours pick up basketball"... I am more active now then ever....

I am coming to an end with my 10 minute trainer program.  I have 2 workouts left and then it's onto another program.  Based on how much activities I did today, I would say that I am more active now then I have ever been.  I would also verge to say that the 10 minute trainer saved my life !  No not really, but it's true that prior to me starting this workout, I was on a one-way street to the back alleys of health.  Ooooo ver weight and oooover eating. [caption id="attachment_1078"...

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DAY 81 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton "CARDIO" + "CARDIO CORE" + "UPPER BODY"... Almost at the finish line.

Saturday April 4, 2009 I'm almost there.  3 more workouts remaining and BAM!  Emeril Laggasse style.  Todays workout was great of course.  Today, I didn't bother wearing my polar Hr monitor.  I tried, but I think my chest strap is dead. The last three workouts are killer.  Total Body workout being the toughest of the bunch. The last week I have been awful in sticking with my eating plan.  I pack my lunches, but I don't eat them.  I eat out at BP, RR, WS...  Not good. Tomorrow, my...

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DAY 80 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton "YOGA FLEX" a much needed day of recovery!

Friday April 3, 2009 Today's workout was so needed.  I felt like I was long driving from Vancouver to Toronto and back non stop.  Yesterday, I felt burnt out I guess.  Today I only had my Yoga Flex workout to do.  Yes, I am a Man saying how much I look forward my my Yoga workout. My flexibility is coming along.  I can touch my toes now.  My lower back needs to be put under a rolling pin though.  I need to spend more time on my Foam Rollers  because they really help stretch out my muscles.  I...

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DAY 79 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton "UPPER BODY" + "ABS" + "CARDIO" my worst effort yet!

Thursday April 2, 2009 Today was my worst effort thus far becuase man did I F!@#k the dog on this workout.  I felt extremely beat.  I didn't even want to do the workout today.  I don't know why.  I'm happy that I did the workout anyhow.  Essentially I went through the motions.  The funny thing is that my lack of effort IS BETTER THAN a lot of peoples non effort!  On a positive note, the fact that I did the workout goes to show me my commitment to results.   MY POLAR A5 WORKOUT SUMMARY...

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APRIL FOOLS DAY 78 - 10 MINUTE TRAINER by Tony Horton "TOTAL BODY 2" + "CORE CARDIO" + "UPPER BODY"... What's the deal with HR training. (Read this)

Today, I wanted to see how my workout results would be if I could keep my HR in my target zone for the duration of the workout.   I did so stay in the ZONE for 23minutes.  To be honest, the workout felt easy.  However, if by staying in the target zone rather than all over the place is better for me, then why not. They say if you want to get a good aerobic workout, strengthen your heart and lungs and lose weight, you must bring your heart rate up to 60 to 80 percent of its maximum level, which...

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