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Fit Tip: Cardio Exercise Techniques

  Don’t cheat your body of a good workout by using poor form. Avoid the mistakes that can affect your workout results and cause injury by focusing on your technique. Next time you go for or a run or jump on the treadmill, keep in mind these do's and don’ts of cardio exercise technique from the experts at  Life Fitness  and Fitness Town .   Posture  Don’t slump over the treadmill or elliptical, holding on for dear life. Your...

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President's Message from James Newman, Fitness Town CEO

[caption id="attachment_5943" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="James Newman (President/CEO of Fitness Town Inc)"] [/caption] James Newman founded Fitness Town in 2006 and remains CEO, heading up its eight retail stores and two commercial divisions. Previously, James ran several successful fitness-related businesses across Canada ranging from personal training executives to distributing home fitness equipment, running studios and coaching kids various sports. James has been at the...

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Treadmills vs Elliptical Trainers

In the battle of cardio machines, gym-goers are loyal to their favorite cardio equipment. Whether you're a treadmill lover or an elliptical enthusiast, follow these tips from the experts at Fitness Town to make the most of what your favorite cardio machine has to offer. TREADMILLS •    Outdoor experience. If you're a dedicated runner or even a novice jogger interested in re-creating the outdoor running experience, treadmill programs like the hill option can...

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Top 5 Fitness Mistakes people make

Are your workouts helping or hurting? Whether you are a fitness novice or a regular enthusiast, you may be making easy to fix blunders when it comes to your routine that are undermining your potential and your progress. Here are five common mistakes to recognize and avoid: 1.  Overdoing it. If you can barely walk the next day, you won’t be able to exercise. A little soreness and stiffness is fine but if your workouts are sending you straight to the medicine cabinet or...

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Fitness Basics Everyone Should Know

  The hardest part of any new routine is getting started! But, once you get going, you may be surprised at how easy it is to maintain a routine. Here are a few basics from the exercise expert at Fitness Town and Life Fitness that you should know:   1. Assess your fitness level: You might have a general idea about your current fitness level, but there are a few things you can assess now, to measure against as you progress later. Try measuring these...

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