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WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine

WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine
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WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Heritage is handcrafted from solid Ash & Walnut wood, finished with a black stain and danish oil. The WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel has been specifically designed to emulate the dynamics of a boat moving though water and is unsurpassed in its simulation of the physical and physiological benefits of rowing. 

  • Materials: Solid American Black Walnut Body with Solid Black Stained Ash Rails
  • Noise Level: Soothing and Relaxing
  • Intrusion Level: Minimal Intrusion
  • Resistance Method: Patented WaterFlywheel Emulates Natural Dynamic of Rowing
  • Resistance Levels: Unique Self-Regulating Resistance, Infinity Variable, Suiting Any User without Adjustment
  • Muscle Groups Used: All Major Muscle Groups (84% of Total Muscle Mass)
  • Maximum User Height: Up to 38" (96.5cm)

WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine

The WaterRower's unique WaterFlywheel has been designed to reproduce the precise physical dynamics of a moving boat; the surest way to replicate the physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasure of rowing. Many rowing machines imitate the action of rowing but they do so mechanically and often lack the natural dynamics experienced when in a boat.

The WaterFlywheel's uniform mass produces a constant effort through the whole stroke, spreading the work more evenly over the muscle groups. Water is 800 times denser than air, and there is therefore no need for extraneous adjustments. Self regulating resistance varies according to the Rule of Cubes (doubling the speed will require an eight-fold increase in power), resistance is therefore infinite and infinitely variable.

Why Water?

The WaterRower's unique WaterFlywheel design uses an specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce an unrivalled simulation of the benefits of rowing;

Self Regulating Resistance - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel resistance varies proportional to the users intensity. The relationship between resistance and speed responds according "the rule of cubes". The rule of cubes dictates that a doubling of speed requires an eight fold increase in power.

Self Paced - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel does not apply resistance to you, you apply work to it; you are the engine. By the "rule of cubes", the amount of work you apply dictates the speed at which you row. From a gentle paddle to a "give it your all" workout, you are in control.

Even Stroke - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel uses a relatively slow-moving heavy mass to generate a smooth uniform load throughout the stroke. Air resistance machines, by comparison, tend to be jerky, jarring, and uneven, fading as the resistance is overcome.

Fluid Connection - like rowing, the WaterFlywheel creates a fluid connection between rower and water using a simple immersed paddle. There is no solid mechanical connection, instead the contact between the paddle face and the water acts to dampen out any mechanical feel.

WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine

  • Maximum User Weight: In Excess of 700lbs (318kg)
  • Other User Issues: No Impact and Non-Load Bearing, Perfect for Users with Joint Concerns
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Available as an Accessory
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 82.25" x 22.25" x 20" (209 cm x 27 cm x 51 cm)
  • Entry Height: 12" x 20" (30 cm x 50 cm)
  • Storability: Stores Easily on End.
  • Stored Dimensions Upright (LxWxH): 20" x 22.25" x 82.25" (51 cm x 27 cm x 209 cm)
  • Product Weight (Empty): 66.5 lbs (30.5 kg)
  • Product Weight (With 17 litres of Water in Tank): 103.5 lbs (47 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions - Tank Box (LxWxH): 28" x 24" x 24" (71 cm x 61 cm x 31 cm)
  • Shipping Dimensions - Rail Box (LxWxH): 85" x 3.5" x 6.5" (216 cm x 9 cm x 17 cm)
  • Shipping Weight (Tank Box): 56 lbs (25.5 kg)
  • Shipping Weight (Rail Box): 30 lbs (14 kg)
  • Maintenance: Minimal Maintenance Required. Simply Add a Purification Tablet Every 3-6 Months (Tablets Available Free of Charge from WaterRower)

WaterRower Heritage Rowing Machine

  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Frame: 5 Years

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